Washington Tavern

Last night I went to a Mushroom growing workshop (more on that later). One of my friends from college moved back to town and he and his fiance met us there. After we reveled in shroomy goodness, we headed to Washington Tavern.

Washington Tavern is better known by many in the area as WT’s, or simply T’s. My blurred out picture won’t do it much justice, but the exterior is clean and solid looking. When I first came to the area, Washington Tavern seemed fitting title for its polished looked. But after time, like a friend, WT’s fit better. And after a few nights drinking pitchers and cheap wing specials, T’s works every so often, too.

Another thing that’s always tickled me is that WT’s is located at 250 Western Ave, Albany, NY 12210. Western Ave. Washington Tavern. On Western Ave.

WT’s has drink specials any given night of the week. Our gang decided to go with the buckets of Yuengling. $6.75 for 5 Yuengs (The prices on their website are off/old). I thought it was fitting that they put it in a Saratoga bucket. Non-Cap Regioners – Saratoga’s a horse racing event. People that are in to horse racing know about it. I hadn’t heard of it before I moved here. But it’s kind of a big deal to some folks up here. Any way…

They also had buckets of twisted tea for $6.75, but I was the only one that wanted them. But, y’know… maybe next time, haha.

WT’s is such a melting pot. There are locals, people of all ages. And T’s is also popular with the students. It can get pretty loud, but nothing ever too rowdy. That’s when you’ll see girls dolled up in minis and heels and older guys wearing an old t-shirt. Kind of a neat juxtaposition of clothing styles. Albany John got Irish Nachos ($8.25). It was a big platter of fried potatoes, corned beef, and all the usual nacho fixings. He left a few nachos on his plate, but the poatoes were really well fried. Crispy outside, and soft insides. Kind of like a potato chip, but not… I’m doing a shitty job of describing it, but imagine a thick kind of potato chip that isn’t crispy all the way through… and that it is awesome. Well, that is what these chips taste like.

My friend ordered pub fries too – they’re more shaped like steak fries, except they stayed crispy and didn’t get soggy on their exteriors. How awesome! I’ll venture a guess that Washington Tavern knows their way around a fryer.

Being the dainty flower I am, I ordered the cheeseburger with sweet potato fries ($9.50, $1 extra for sweet potato fries). It came out rare as ordered. I think it could have used a little more seasoning. I’m a salt fiend, so I might be biased there, but a little more flavor kick would have bumped it up to a great burger. The inside was a nicely coarse grind and juicy. I’d have taken a picture, but the lighting wasn’t that great and I probably would have pissed someone off taking so many flash pictures.

Good bun – soft and toasty without being overwhelming. The sweet potato fries were great! Crispy all on the outside and soft and sweet potato-y on the inside. No sogginess at all. They had a generous sprinkling of flaked salt on them, too. Yum. Definitely worth the extra buck.

I ate everything with surprising ease and speed. There was also a little bowl of fruit pieces. Nice way to end the meal.

Solid meal. I usually order the wings when they are on special ($7.75 for 12 otherwise). They’ve got a few $0.40 wing nights and serve them crisply-skinned, well-sauced, and moist on the inside. They’re some of my favorite wings, so if you get the chance to try them out, do. But if not, these are pretty tasty offerings as well.

  1. llcwine said:

    You are bringing me back to my college days….probably before you were even born….wings and brews, but we used to get pitchers, rather than buckets…..dang girl…makes me want to go back for another visit!

  2. Oh WTs… where I had many a good (and not so good) times.

  3. $6.75 for a bucket o' Twisted Tea?! ding ding ding SOLD!

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