Buh-Bye Ms. Pasko Brunch

Yesterday was a good luck/bye brunch at Jess‘ place. She’s headed off to the windy city (Chi-town) and some folks in the area brought some goodies and ate food in celebration. Fondue, fruit, bagels, croissants, ham, and desserts.

I made gluten-free mini red velvet (well, pink velvet) cheesecake. I think it could have been sweeter. The g-f part was the cookie base. I thought it tasted like an oreo, and Albany John called it a molasses cookie. Either way. Not bad.

I’m pretty sure I could bathe myself in cheese fondue. It would be hot, but cheesily delicious.

She also had free stuff to give away in light of her move, and I’m currently rocking a cute pair of kitten heels.

  1. -S said:

    I liked them, but you are right, could have been a bit sweeter. Next time will be perfect.

  2. I recently found several reacipes online for homemade graham crackers and they area actually very simple. You might try making a gf graham as the base next time if you are looking for a more traditional flavor. They look pretty all the same though!

  3. JMP said:

    I'm glad you were able to find a bunch of stuff you liked. I much prefer the idea of my friends wearing my clothes….

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