Rt 66 Smokehouse Sausages and Burgers

Albany John randomly driving around the Cap District getting lost (anyone else like doing that?) and called me up:

John: “Hi, yeah, I’m somewhere in Rensselaer. I think. Or maybe East Greenbush.”
Jane: “Okaaay…” (I call him a lot randomly, too)
John: “I passed a laundromat, and some woods, and some animals and – woah, smokehouse. Call you back.”


It turns out he was in Wynantskill and passed Rte 66 Meats & Smokehouse on Main Street.

He spent about $10 and brought home a few goodies to sample. Everything was about $2 each. Two Swiss and mushroom burgers, some chorizo sausage, spicy sausage, and regular sausage.

The burgers seared up nicely on the stove and were filled with tons of shredded swiss and mushroom bits.

The sausages were kind of explode-y.

We couldn’t figure out if Albany John had manhandled them in between buying them, transporting them, and taking them out of the fridge to cook, but these seemed to be delicate sausages. Every single one of them had burst, and oddly enough, none of the ends were tied or anything. Just loose ends of casing.

See? Explodey. I didn’t get why there were no tied ends on here, either. That’s my favorite part of the sausage. All of the snappy casings concentrated in one end.

The casings were natural, but so very thin.

They cooked up okay in the broiler. Tada, naturally cased sausages!

Albany John did a great job searing the burger. Mmm, dark crusty goodness.

And pinky interior goodness! Man, look at that cheese! These burgers were savory, melty, and good. They had a coarse grind to them, which I love in a burger. Makes it feel more substantial and meaty. I’d get these again. And the swiss tasted sharply swiss. Not just melty and cheesey.

The sausages were fine, but not great. I think they were all chicken sausages? They were very lean and finely ground, except for the big guy on the right. I think that one was pork, but still finely ground. I like sausages with nubbins of meat in them, not finer grinds. The consistency is too paste-y to me when they’re ground finer.
I don’t think I’d get the sausages again. I liked the spicier ones, but overall the texture and flavor weren’t enough to pull me to try them again. But the burgers and other meats, I am definitely interested in trying again at some point.
So far the best chicken sausages I’ve had in the area are from Cardona’s – juicy, moisty, and plenty of snap to their casings. I’d bought those on a lark, but was surprised with how good they were.

Oh, and crusty bread is also pretty good with sausages. I made no-knead bread. And good lard, it is sticky stuff in this humidity. I’d up the flour to 1 3/4 of a cup in this NY summer weather. Way too wet of a dough.

Rte 66 Meats & Smokehouse is located at 195 Main Ave, Wynantskill, NY 12198. Phone: 518-283-0482.

  1. Swiss burger!!! I'm dying!
    Cute French tips by the by 😀

  2. llcwine said:

    went there on Saturday 8/28…we got Andouille sausage and their barbecue and cheddar snack sticks…the Andouille was the real deal tasted like I was back in Naw'lins. The snack sticks reminded me of a soft slim jim, but far better tasting. The prices for the meat are better than PC or Hannafords and you can tell that the folks who work there take pride in the store and what they sell.

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