Mr. Fuji

Albany John was had a hankering for some sushi one night. We decided to venture out further than we normally would and try some Clifton Park sushi. It was a toss up between Sakura and Mr. Fuji in Clifton Park, NY.

Both Mr. Fuji and Sakura had coupons on If you can save a few dollars and the coupons are there, why not?
Sakura had their website up online. But there was the mystery of Mr. Fuji… what was their menu like?
Mr. Fuji had some positive reviews on Yelp and Sakura had some meh reviews. Overall I’ve heard positive word of mouth reviews for both.

We decided to go with Mr. Fuji, at 19 Clifton Country Rd, Clifton Park, NY 12065. We google mapped it, and… The Google was wrong.
Turn RIGHT on Clifton Country Road, not left like Google says. Otherwise you end up in an apartment complex. But either way, y’know where Chipotle is in Clifton Park? It’s in the Hannaford plaza right across the street from it. Easy to find.

And I can’t fault them for not having enough signage. Hmm, I wonder what they serve? Oh yah, SUSHI!

We walked in and saw a mostly empty restaurant. It was small, but very clean and smelled nice (like food – yummy). There were a few booths to the left, a sushi bar in the back right corner, and some tables to the right. Some low lighting set a cozy and relaxing atmosphere. I’d go back to dine in.

If you can’t tell – we got our food to go. Two sashimi deluxes ($20.95 for 20 pcs sushi), tako appetizer, and seaweed salad.
The sashimi deluxes came with rice, miso soup, and salad. The rice was fine. The miso soup was a bit on the watery/bland side. The salad was the usual iceberg lettuce with a slice of tomato, cucumber, and some carrot shreds and ginger carrot dressing (a little on the creamy side).

Unlike most of the sashimi I’ve gotten from restaurants, the sashimi from Mr. Fuji came with garnishes on top of it. I don’t know why more places don’t do this. It was delightful!

There were also different types of fish in there than I’ve had… next time I’ll eat in so I can ask. You can see the salmon, tuna, and mackerel, but there was another one that tasted similar to the mackerel, but had darker spotted skin (the left hand side). And there was white fish with some orange topping. It was lightly fruity and went really well with the fish.

And OH MY GOSH, there was this other white fish kind of in the center with a brownish sauce poured over it. The sauce was sweet and thin, but it made the sashimi taste like pork! SO good. It was similar to the fat layers in crispy skinned pork (siu yuk). No need for soy sauce or wasabi with those bites.

Size-wise, these weren’t huge, but I found them easy to eat in one bite. You might say it’s on the smaller size of normal in terms of sashimi size.

My only gripe was that the tuna was a little mushy. Fresh tasting, but mushy in texture. Probably frozen and thawed one too many times.

There was also a ton of shredded daikon in each order. Usually it’s a little decorative bit (I still eat it), but there was a pillow of shredded daikon under almost every serving of sushi. I wonder if there was so much to fill out the container for presentation purposes because it was take-out? Just another reason to go back and dine in. Either way, made me feel like I was eating a bunch of veggies with my sashimi and being very healthy.

Here is a decent picture of the seaweed salad ($5.50). It was on the sweeter side, with some sesame flavor and a few sparse flakes of hot pepper (red bits). I think I would have liked it a little bit crunchier and saltier, but overall it was enjoyable.

You can also get a little peep of the included salad above the seaweed salad.

And finally, the octopus appetizer. I probably won’t get this one again, because although tasty, it was $7 for 5 thin pieces of octopus. I know seafood isn’t cheap, but c’mon. Seemed like a bit much since they were so thin. At least give me 2 more thin slices so I can kind of justify it at $1 per slice.

Still, I can’t fault them on presentation or flavor. They were fanned out beautifully over a bed of cucumber matchsticks and came in a light and slightly-tart dressing. Not heavy at all.

Overall, I’m eager to return to Mr. Fuji and dine at the sushi bar and suggest others do the same. The fish all tasted fairly fresh, and were presented nicely. For the most part, their prices were on par with any other sushi restaurant in the area and the atmosphere inside seemed friendly and inviting.

  1. Chrystal said:

    Were the sashimi deluxes $20.95 a piece or $20.95 for the two that you got? I've heard good things about Mr. Fuji but I never go to Clifton Park unless I need to stop to use the bathroom on the way from Saratoga.

  2. Hey Chrystal – they were $20.95 each. Man, that would be a steal if it were for both! As-is, I thought it was fair given the quantity, freshness, and inventive flavoring.

  3. the fuj said:

    I went to this place for the first time this year. I have been meaning to go for a while and just finally got a chance. I sat at the bar and the experience was very enjoyable. The sushi chef were fun to watch and gave us a couple of things to munch on gratis while we waited for our dishes. I will definitely go back there and I'm not even being partial considering they named the place after me and all. (Haha.)

    On another topic, I hit up Ala Shanghai for my birthday this week to get some xiaolongbao. They were… so so. The noodle was too thick, and the meatball itself did not stick together well inside the dumpling making it difficult to drain. They were still pretty tasty, and I would probably get them again if I had a hankering and didn't feel like making the trip to China Town.
    The schezuan-style beef had really good flavor and great spice, but the cut of meat itself was horrendous. Chewy like gum, some of the pieces I couldn't even eat. My SO completely passed on the dish. It was a shame.
    However, the scallion pancakes are to DIE for. If I go back that will be very first thing that I order.

  4. andres said:

    try the big eye roll. . .

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