Stuyvesant Plaza Chipotle Opening

Chipotle opens Tuesday, August 31st (tomorrow) in Stuyvesant Plaza (1475 Western Ave, Albany, NY). Hours of operation will be from 11 am – 10 pm daily, and their phone number is 518-459-1025

Chipotle will also be accepting SUNY Albany’s Podium Account cards. If I were a SUNY student, I think I know where I’d be spending all of my podium money.

As Steve mentioned, they will not be doing a free burrito day giveaway open to the public to mark the opening due to the crowds experienced at previous openings. Albany John and I were able to stop by as guests of Chipotle during their preview today. It is only open to those with previous physical invites (generally given to their neighboring businesses). Or lucky local bloggers.

Albany John got their beef tacos with hot sauce on them. So good. I wouldn’t suggest tacos to some office workers nearby (dudes, how many offices are near Stuyvesant Plaza? Looks like quite a bunch). It could be a messy situation. Get a burrito. Neat, and all wrapped in that yummy soft shell.

We also got chips. I got a side of guac, and he got a side of corn salsa. According to the calorie counts (on every menu), each baggie of chips is enough for two people (570 calories total). I don’t care. These chips were a little on the salty side, but the lime flavoring on them is so addictive, with or without guacamole. The guac was cream, fresh, vibrantly green, and had some nice sized chunks of avocado mixed in.

I got a burrito with half beef AND half chicken. Mild salsa, sour cream, and guac. When I got the guacamole, the person behind the line informed me that it would normally be an extra $1.85, except today everything was free. I thought that was a good way to inform the public. Nice, polite, and sure to avoid confusion in the future.

I also got a soda. Normally I don’t order sodas in fast food spots, but hey, it was free! And guess what? They had COKE FREAKING ZERO ON TAP! Woah, nice surprise. I am pretty indifferent to most carbonated drinks, but my achilles heel of soda is Coke Zero.

I’m pretty sure I don’t have to tell you how great my burrito tasted. Okay, I will – creamy goodness!

Beef and Pork burritos, bowls, and tacos cost $6.50 each. Chicken and vegetarian (black beans and guac) ones are $6.10. And don’t forget that they’ll also make you anything you ask them to with ingredients they have on hand. I’m pretty uncreative in that field, but I’m sure you could come up with some neat combos (have you?).

The set up of the store is pretty neat – there are low metal-topped counters lining the front windows with cushioned stools to sit at. There are other tables and chairs, but I thought this was the coolest seating. In comparison to the Clifton Park and Latham Chipotle stores, the Stuyvesant Plaza Chipotle is a smaller store with has less seating.

I think tomorrow I’ll stop by and see how they are doing on opening day. And I’ll probably buy a burrito bowl, since I usually only get burritos. But it will be hard to veer off of the burrito path. They’re so good.

  1. i'm in love w/the carnitas salad, FYI if yr considering venturing off the burrito path šŸ˜€

  2. Better than Taco Bell, although I hear good things about their Cantina Tacos.

  3. and I hear rumor they're doing the carnitas and barbacoa sous vide at that location… how cool?

  4. Jaycin said:

    Isn't Chipotle just awesome? I think we're following each around to the same restaurants! šŸ™‚

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