I hit up the farmers markets this weekend. First I hit up Troy. Met up with my little sister, and we trekked around a bit before we went off camping. I got some onions, eggs, and Dragon’s tongue beans at the Troy market. The eggs and beans were $8 – $4 each. Yikes. The eggs are pretty tasty, though.

It was weird buying the onions – the vendor I was buying them from thought I was buying a more expensive kind of onion, and apologized for the pricing difference, but said it was because I got the smaller onions… They both looked completely different to me, and I would have thought the vendor would also know them based off of their entire looks, not just size. Just kind of left me feeling like they thought I was a cheapskate or trying to swindle them because maybe they wanted me to buy the really big onions, but I did buy a bunch that were really big plus a few smaller ones, so… yeah. I didn’t get that one, but they were also really busy, and maybe the vendor wasn’t used to being wrong about product so it was a personal shock for the vendor. It just left me feeling odd since the vendor kept apologizing, but also adding that I got the smaller onions out of the other pile. I mean, I’m at the Troy Farmers Market and buying something… nothing there is ever really that cheap.
After that my sister and I headed over to Menands and found SUPER AWESOME grapes from Altamont. The Menands market looks like it’s starting to wind down for the season, but there were some solid vendors.
These grapes were fantastic. There was a wine vendor from Altamont who also had some grapes for sale. My sister was hoping to find concords. She has now changed her strict vegan diet to raw and local foods (with the exception of avocados). She hasn’t diet yet, so hey, it’s working for her. These weren’t concords, but they were selling three different kinds of grapes and they were SO good. Juicy grapes with snappy skins. Each bag was three dollars. $3!! They were about a pound and a half each, and so worth it. Plus they were just picked that morning. I also got some other ones that are a little lighter flavored, but equally tasty. As you can see, Albany John couldn’t keep his hands off the grapes.
The grapes had names, but I totally forget what they were, but I cannot wait to go back next saturday. I hope they are still there.
  1. Colleen said:

    I saw beautiful concord grapes at Gade's Farm on Western Ave in Guilderland this weekend. I didn't buy any but they looked perfectly shaped and a gorgeous color!

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