So you know how sometimes you have, like, six too many drinks the night before and the next morning you are really super hungover not at your best?

Well, I found myself in one of those moments and there are a few foods I crave when I am hungover. Namely: greasy, salty, meaty, carby (If I were Snow White, those would be 4 of my 7 dwarves. The others would be sweet, fruity, and crunchy. And maybe boozey for an 8th).

Fuddruckers is one of those places that I think is a fabulous idea when I’m hungover. So I convinced Albany John to go over to Wolf Road and get a bite with me.

He got a 1# burger combo meal to test out the waters and see if the 2# challenege would be a viable contest for him. After adding some cheese, the combo was a little over $11.

You get some fried potato wedges and a drink (domestic beer or soda) with the combo, plus a free cookie.

That burger was massive. Albany John could only eat half of it, but he said he’d rather have ordered the 1# burger and only eaten half than eaten a 1/2 pound burger.

They have some specialty burgers like buffalo, elk, and boar. I got the boar burger, which was ringing up at $0.00, so they rang me in for an elk burger at $8.99. Eh, kind of high, but it is a non-beef patty and I thought it would be neat to try. Plus I was hungover, and you know how well decision making works when all you are thinking is “Need… food…” If you can’t tell, I really like that toppings bar, and the sauces section. This was also a large patty, but was dwarfed by the size of Albany John’s gigantic burger.

One of the interesting things is that they’ll cook your burger to order at Fuddruckers. I went with medium rare, which resulted in a juicy and fine burger. Overall, I thought it didn’t taste like beef, the meat kind of mushed together on one side (see the left part of the above pic) for a weird meatloaf texture, but other than that the boar flavor wasn’t crazy and overwhelming. Just porky-ish.

I managed to finish my burger and nab some of Albany John’s fries, too. I was way better, but wayyyyy stuffed after that one. I saved the cookie for later.

Overall, I think Fuddruckers is a fun novelty with serviceable food. It’s nothing that’ll blow your socks off, but it’ll do.

  1. Aw, SB & I went there on out 4th date. Memories!
    Great condiment bar, I wish 5 Guys had that 😀

  2. cw said:

    May I add to your hungover food list? A vegetarian burrito from Bombers – I used to live off Lark St and that was the only thing that would cure my oh-my-I-drank-too-much-at Justin's hangover…Just sayin'.. 🙂

  3. I agree that Fuddruckers is OK, but not great. On Thursdays, they have a deal for kids. A family of 4 can over eat there pretty cheaply. Plus there is a clown making balloon animals.

    My hangover food of choice is a turkey club with fries at a diner. A large Coke helps too. Something about diners – they are just soothing.

  4. p – awww, how romantic. Albany John wants to take me there and see how many beers they will let me drink. haha.

    cw – nooo, the wings are the thing to get a Bombers!! okay, I'll let you add a burrito 😉

    Jon – seriously. Diners are probably 1/2 of the hangover cure. I'm also with you on the icy cold coke.

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