W & F^3 Fest Part 3

Back into the tent that I thought was just wine (it wasn’t – there’s food in the back. YEAH!) and I took a picture of one table and noticed the chef behind it smiling at the camera (first person to smile at the camera). And it was none other than Chef Tanner!
He and his wife were pimping some flavored salts and beverages. Good stuff. Salt flakes, can’t go wrong with that!
Okay, and I went back to Marche and chef Brian Molino gave me a bunch of octopus when I asked for just octopus and no rice. YAAAYYY! So good, even after being there for a few hours.
Vermont Cheeses. I tried two of them on the very left.
I was getting cheese from Vermont Cheese’s table, but saw Suckling Pork and asked for some of that from a nearby table. Moist and yummy, served on a polenta crisp.
Cold pressed, organic olive oil. Completely raw, never heat treated. How neat. It tasted pretty smoky, which I thought was interesting. They were also selling some bottles. There were a few tables that also had items for sale and not just sampling.

There were a ton of cheeses. Here’s some more Grana Padano.
Hey, Jon. Lydia says hi.

Actually, I didn’t get much closer than this. I’m never really sure if you can only go up and say hi if you’ve bought the book, or what. I felt kind of like I was looking at an animal in the zoo since so many people were peeping at Lydia, and she was just there behind the table. I bet celebrities get that a lot.

I wish I’d gone up to say something. I love watching her on PBS every Saturday, and whenever else it is on on PBS. Her food looks tasty, not too easy, and full of love.

That about wraps it up here my darlings. I’ll be back tomorrow for brunch. See you then!
  1. A brush with greatness.

    I've never been to one of her restaurants, but according to my uncle, one of her places in NYC is amazing.

    Thanks for telepathically sending my regards her way. 🙂

    Chef Tanner is a really nice guy. I actually contacted him online once and without having ever met me, he offered to give me a few pH strips for a home cured salami I was making. How nice is that? I took his knife skills class and met him. Very nice and very passionate about food.

    Looks like a good time. Instead of going, I started painting the deck rail.

  2. llcwine said:

    dang I'm sooooo jealous, instead of going, I did the righteous thing and went and watched my friend's kids soccer games…am I a glutton for punishment or what…but we had a nice lunch afterwards and eventually came home to grill korean kalbi on my charcoal grill….but ok…those wines, the food….yeah..I'm still jealoous, and worse yet…I still haven't gotten over to the Old Polish Deli in Watervliet, hopefully tmrw.

  3. Holy cow, Lidia B!!!! I love her

    Heh heh, Chef Tanner answered my personal ad at the same as SB

  4. I'm glad that you went, but reading all about it is killing me. I had a family commitment on Long Island that I couldn't get out of which prevented me from going.


    Hopefully next year they will be equally generous with the press passes. Fingers crossed.

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