Albany John and I went to Dublin’s (121 4th St, Troy, NY 12182 – it’s next to I Love NY Pizza) last night for a few drinks.

Albany John went there about a week or so ago and has not been able to shut up stop talking about it ever since. He told me tales of a Restaurant/Lounge that was working on re-doing their kitchen, but was super nice and told him to come back with food and have a drink at their bar (I mean, most places don’t like outside food to be brought in).

So to Dublin’s we went, and you know what? We had a great time.

I think this is one of the most adorable things about Dublin’s. They have a dress code. It’s pretty much “no ghetto wear” and “no sloppy wear” – no hats, boots, Jerseys, Hoodies, Du-Rags, or Baggy Pants. I think they said they were a bit cagey of the baggier and more pocket-y clothes because of all of the shootings that have been happening around Troy lately.

I’ll be interested to see how the no boots or hoodies rule flys when it turns into winter. Boots and hoodies are pretty popular clothes to wear around here once the weather goes south.

If you can’t tell, we were the only ones in the place when we first walked in. It’s a nice space. Very long, darts to the right, and pool tables further in the back.

And hey, look, you can see my hoodie on a chair! Haha, whoopsie, I brought in some banned clothes! I wasn’t wearing it when I first came in, but I did put it on later when I got cold. I wasn’t told off or kicked out or anything. It was one of those short and not really baggy girl hoodies, though. Maybe they didn’t kick me out because they got to talk with me a little, or maybe it’s the fact that I don’t look terribly threatening or dangerous. Or, y’know, it was dead and I was not a raging asshole.

That’s Adam. He’s a stellar bartender with a knack for details. He was sanitizing his hands like crazy, so I didn’t have to wonder “Uh, when’s the last time this guy washed his hands?”.

He’s also got a great personality for bartending. He remembered Albany John from when he came before, and was just generally fun to talk with and be around.

Thursday night had some drink specials. $3 Heinekens (I probably spelled it wrong) and $5 well pints. We went with the pints. The drinks were well mixed, about 2 shots per drink. I think it goes well with the dress code thing. They’re trying to make a certain place. Casual, relaxed, but not a place you go when you get sloppy drunk or completely blotto.

Adam actually said he sends people who come in a little too far gone over to Troy City Tavern across the street, much to the chagrin of the guys over there. (All in good fun – Industry folks, you know what I’m talking about)

We left right before karaoke, thank gophers I missed that one. We headed over to The Ruck to check out what was going on there, and karaoke was setting up there too… ick, karaoke is like my bar kryptonite. As soon as I see it, I generally get a little queasy and get an overwhelming urge to flee. We walked over to Judges Inn, which also had live music going on. Man, Troy, what’s up with the Thursday night music?

I’d probably have to say the only nit I have to pick is how they reuse glasses and scoop up the ice. I know a lot of places do this. I can be a little germaphobic, but to me it seems like a possible vector for germ transfer. Say the first drinker has a cold sore and the flu, gets a refill with that same cup, and then someone else gets a drink with ice that has maybe touched the herpes and flu ice… science geeks, would it be possible for germs to transfer this way, or would the ice kind of kill germs?

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  1. heh heh bar kryptonite! I'll have to remember that

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