2 Mooncakes

Last night Albany John and I tucked into some mooncakes I bought earlier in the week in celebration of the Moon Festival.

I picked a flaky one, and the one above a flaky one. We were a little busy running some errands and cleaning the place, but I wanted to spend a few minutes outside gazing at the moon before falling asleep.

I cut them in half, and evidently blogger only wanted to upload one of the half slices. WHATEVER. I’ll show you more tomorrow cause I’mma eat the rest of them tonight.

So the more traditional outside looking mini-mooncake turned out to be wintermelon and pineapple flavored.Dense paste-filled stuff. It was sticky, chewy, kind of like candied preserved wintermelon with tons o sugar. I wasn’t crazy about it, but Albany John loved the flavor. I checked the label after and there’s no actual pineapple in it, just pineapple flavour. Oh. Still, it wasn’t that fakey, but still, not really pineappley either.

Third Auntie, you were right! The flaky one has five nuts as the filling. I really liked this one. The exterior was really flaky, although to be honest, I didn’t really think of it as a mooncake, just a dessert. I’ve gotten exteriors like this from Chinese bakeries where they’re usually filled with taro or sweet potato. Still, it was a good pastry. The exterior was flaky and not greasy (the ones from bakeries have a really short half-life. They go from flaky to greasy after a few hours), with a very nice savory note to it.

The Five nuts (almond, black sesame, sunflower, pumpkin, walnut) were densely packed, with a warm and borderline savory finish from maltose and dried orange peel.
I really like nuts in general, so if you’re the same way, you’d probably enjoy this one as well. I would like to see a traditional mooncake skin filled with the five nuts filling.

Oh, and I saw the lady in the moon, and Albany John saw the rabbit. It was cloudy when I went out (it was clear when I was driving around earlier, although Albany John wasn’t a big fan of my erratic driving while I was speeding and staring at the sky), so we had to wait a few minutes for the moon to come out. As you know, down time is the bane of any married couple’s life as it means they actually have to spend time together and talk and enjoy each other’s company. Jeeze, who does that stuff?

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