Pig Pit BBQ

I bought an Entertainment book a while ago, and saw that one of the coupons was to the Pig Pit BBQ. Sweet! I headed over and got some ‘cue. Man, I just can’t resist that pulled pork sandwich.

The Pig Pit changed locations fairly recently. It’s no longer on 112th St in Cohoes. It’s still in Cohoes, but just off of the highway. You’ll see it on your right once you start driving in. They have a very nice set up. It’s no longer the bottom part of a house, but its own free standing unit with plenty of parking. There’s indoor and outdoor seating available, and you can even peep into the kitchen thanks to some wide windows.

Albany John got the quarter chicken platter. Sweet potato fries were so crispy, and perfectly salted. I might need to order an extra side of them next time. Never enough! The cornbread muffin was a sweet and fluffy type. More Yankee style than pure cornmeal, and highly enjoyable. The coleslaw wasn’t too mayo-y either. Just lightly dressed and cohesive.

I always assume that quarter chicken usually means the thigh/leg quarter, but we were surprised with a breast and wing! Albany John thought it was a small piece. It was, but their birds are only 3 pounders, so a quarter of a 3 # bird isn’t going to be that big.

It was smoky goodness. If there’s one thing I’d say about Tex’s BBQ it is the real deal in terms of getting some Texas style kick-you-in-the-face smokiness in your food. So while it was a small piece, it was moist and full of flavor. I’d take that over a bigger, less flavorful breast any day (or just order a half chicken).

The pulled pork at Pig Pit also has tons of in-your-face smoky goodness. The sandwiches are so jam packed with pulled pork, it’s hard for me to want to try anything else. I got mine sloppy with coleslaw and then slathered it some more with BBQ sauce (nice – tangy and sweet).

Most of the time I only eat half of the bun and just eat the pulled pork with a fork. So freakin good. One of these days I’m going to give their brisket a try. One day.

I am so glad to have Pig Pit in the area. You know Cap Region, we’ve got two very good, very different BBQ places – Pig Pit and Capital Q. Different in really good ways. I’ve been meaning to try out Brunswick BBQ & Brew, too, but haven’t made it up there yet.

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  1. funnily enough, SB & I were chatting as we passed the Pig Pit. I was all “Hey we should check that out.” He agreed. Hmmm….guess that story isn't that funny or interesting.


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