Happy Birthday A

An Alligator cake for Amy? A crocodile cake? It was birthday time, and one of my friends was planning on going to Wolff’s Biergarten for her birthday boot. She casually mentioned to me that if I wanted to bake something for her, well, that would be okay in her book.

I think she meant cookies or something easy like that, but cookies on a birthday are not nearly good enough in my book. They’re so easy.

So instead I dusted off an old baking mold my neighbor gave me (I’ll never turn down anything free, remember?) and made rum cake (Albany John’s idea “Hello, rum cake to the beer garden”). You can use any recipe you want. Mine called for chopped up cashew bits and rum in the batter. I tossed in a ton of green food dye for alligator authenticity. And then a generous soaking in some buttery, sugary rum liquid overnight.

I need to work on my baking times, but this turned out alright. The rum soak didn’t hurt either. I even made the little cake board with some firm posterboard stuff and a gift bag. And saran wrap over the top.

It looked weird just like that above, so I melted some chocolate to make a little drizzle. My first round had too much liquid, so I ended up with truffle filling… which is still sitting in my fridge some where… oh crap. But the 2nd time was not too bad. Evidently half a bag of chocolate is a lot to melt.
After decorating Mr. Crocodile, I decided to try writing a “Happy Birthday”, which is when my bag split open and I had to decide between re-bagging or continuing to write with hot chocolate on my hand. I am lazy, so I chose the more painful route. And dudes, writing with chocolate is not that easy – props to bakers who make it look all nice and not scrawled out.

Then it was time to head over to the beer garden. Mmmm, fooooood. So good. I’ll take any excuse to go to the biergarten!

Hello schnitzel! We got the one with mushrooms and riesling sauce. So freaking good. At $12.95, the price was just dandy, too. There were two large schnitzel patties slathered in sauce. They were on top of the spaetzel, so the spaetzel got all the saucy goodness from above.

Oh yeah, and Albany John is cracktacularly addicted to the hot saurkraut.

Personally, I’m addicted to the free peanuts. They go so well with a liter of beer.

  1. Schnitzel and kraut! Perhaps my two new favorite foods

  2. EDITOR said:

    How can i contact Albany Jane…e mail doesn't work…can you send me the address??

  3. p – thanks!

    lili – I know, it's like “How could I have lived before this?”

    Alan – butter + rum = stellar. But you already knew that.

    EDITOR – Do you mean the link button? I have been receiving email without issue at albanyjane(at)yahoo . com Your profile is private, so I am unable to contact you.

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