Awesome Brownies

Dudes, this brownies are awesome. AWESOME BROWNIES, I say! Well, let me preface that. If you don’t like dense, fudgy, creamy brownies that are full of chocolate flavor and juuuust sweet enough, then you will not like these brownies. These will be SUCK brownies to you.

But if you like all of those factors in a brownie, then yeah, I think you’ll like these a little bit.

I was looking around for a good fudgy brownie recipe and cobbled one together. Brownies, in theory, are relatively easy. If you want them chewy and fudgy, it doesn’t really matter if you mix the batter up a lot and activate the gluten in the flour. They’re fairly forgiving, and you can add and subtract ingredients as you see fit.

And yet, the application of brownie making is something I can almost never execute. They come out cakey. Or dry. Or overcooked. Or too crunchy on the edges. Or stuck to the pan. But you know what? These brownies kicked some major ass, and only dirtied up two bowls. I would have taken step-by-step pictures for you, but, well, I kind of coated myself in buttery-chocolate after the first step and Albany John was working on something in his office, so what was I supposed to do? Ask my neighbors? I’d have to put on pants for that, which would have been incredibly difficult with my arms covered in chocolate.

But trust me. This brownie recipe isn’t frou-frou and difficult. Hell, most recipes call for mixing the eggs with the sugar, and adding everything in steps… I just melted butter and chocolate, mixed the dry ingredients together, and plopped everything else in. Worked like a charm. Your brownies aren’t going to suck if you add the eggs in with the chocolate, okay? You’re good. These are not hard, and I actually like tediously precious recipes.

I’ve realized that oven temperature also plays a big role. So I lowered the baking temperature to 300 degrees Fahrenheit and let it bake longer. I figured, it works for cheesecake, so why not brownies? IT WORKS. Lower temps = fudgier brownies = happier Albany Jane.

Now, I’m not a big chocolate person, but I freaking love brownies. I can’t explain it. I especially love the fudgy ones with chunks of chocolate. So I tossed in some chunks in the batter. And some cacao nibs. THESE ARE AWESOME. They add a nutty, crunchiness to brownies that is incredibly addictive.

Albany John usually turns his nose up at my desserts. He doesn’t really have much of a sweet tooth. But from start to finish, he kept asking when they were going to be done. Letting them cool off in the window was painful for him. He kept saying they were cool enough, even though I couldn’t pull them out of the pan because they were still so hot and fudgy. He ate like, 2.5 of these brownies, which is impressive because he usually will have a bite of dessert and leave it at that.

Haha! Now I don’t suck at baking brownies anymore! These are AWESOME BROWNIES!

Awesome Stellar Brownies Recipe

12 oz semi-sweet chocolate
1 stick butter
1 T liquid oil (canola, veggie, etc, but to be honest, I think you could omit this and cut down a T on the butter, too)

1/3 c whole wheat flavor
1/3 c AP flour
1 1/8 C granulated sugar
1/3-2/3 C cocoa powder
2 whole eggs
1.5 oz kaluha
1 T vanilla extract
2-4 handfuls of cacao nibs
chunks of chocolate to taste

Melt butter, oil, and chocolate chips together in 30 second intervals in the microwave, mixing in between intervals until smooth all the way through. Mix other ingredients while you let cool.

Mix together flours, cocoa powder, and sugar.
Add vanilla extract, kaluha, eggs, and chocolate mixture. Mix to combine.
Add in cacao nibs and chunks of chocolate, and any other ingredients you want.

Line a pan with parchment paper so the edges hang over the sides of the baking pan. This will make it easier to pull out and remove one cooled off. Or you could use tin foil. and bake 300F (yes, 300, not 350) in the center of the oven 40-50 minutes, or until done. Check every 10-15 minutes. It’s done when a toothpick comes out clean from the center.
  1. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! As soon as i'm off my diet, i make a huge pan of those bad boys 😀

  2. Pants-less baking: I laughed out loud. It was so unexpected. My 6 year old asked what was so funny. I told her nothing but she kept asking. So I told her. “Isn't she silly cooking brownies in the kitchen with no pants?” She laughed too.

  3. Mer said:

    Ok, these look fantastic! Now to see if I can convert them to gluten free… Yum.

    I have cooked brownies in no pants before, but only because I spilled something on said pants, and I happened to need that exact pair. So you're not alone in the pants-less baking club.

  4. Did you have the Dockers' “I Wear No Pants” song playing in the background while you baked?

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