The Ruck – Burger Night

Tuesday nights are Burger Nights at The Ruck (104 3rd St, Troy, NY 12180). All burgers are $1 off after 7 pm.

Green Peccadilloes mentioned her love of the Wing Burger, and well, I had to give it a try.

But first, drinks. Albany John got the Brew Master’s Choice from Brooklyn Brewery ($5 – Although he says it’s really called something different. I have no idea). I got my usual stoli raz and club ($6). Albany John had already had a sip of his beer – they know how to pour a beer the right way at The Ruck. None of this 1 – 1.5″ foamy head business. 1/2″ of head max.

And true to form, we couldn’t just get the burgers. We also needed wings. Wing night are Monday and Wednesday nights, and one of these days I’m going to make it there, but until then it will be $7 per dozen for this gal.

I got mild wings, and they were good. Really good. They weren’t bland and orange like so many mild wings are. They had just a kick of heat, as if to suggest there was more where that came from. I’m not sure if I’ll try the medium wings, these were so pleasant to eat.

I want to work/observe at The Ruck to see their wing frying protocol. They turn out perfect every time. So crispy, yet meaty, and perfectly sauced. My ideal chicken wing.

Albany John got a cheeseburger, and I got a wing burger. We both ordered them somewhere in the medium/medium-rare area, but they both came out well done. Normally I’d bitch and complain, but these burgers are the kind that taste best when cooked rare.
The burgers themselves reminded me of the ones from Sutter’s. Pre-formed, likely frozen at some point, and shaped like ovals. Unlike the burger at Sutter’s, I enjoyed these.
I’m not really sure why they asked if they were only going to cook them well, but it seems kind of moot. This kind of burger should really only be cooked well.

The burgers came on grilled Bella Napoli rolls (poppy seed. So when you fail your pee test, you can blame the burgers you had at The Ruck the night before). Normally I don’t like non-traditional rolls, especially when they are so oversized in comparison to the burger itself, but these didn’t bother me that much since they were grilled, and I find Bella Napoli’s buns to be fairly light, airy, and unobtrusive to begin with.

Albany John said his cheeseburger was fine. My wing burger came slathered in wing sauce, and with a side of their house made blue cheese sauce. The blue cheese sauce can be a little mayo-heavy for me at times, but then again I’m a mayo-hater. But I just love all of those chunks of blue cheese in the sauce. It helped combat the heat in the wing burger. I can see why Green Peccadilloes recommended this burger. The Wing Burger was quite tasty overall. Not sure I’d drive across town for it (unlike those wings, man I would drive across the state for them!), but I’d give it an order when at or near The Ruck.

  1. Bella Napoli makes rolls?! Oh hot damn!

  2. Mr.Dave said:

    Dollar burger night with good traffic… I wouldn't want to cast dispersions, but alls I'm saying is I have seen two methods go down in restaurant kitchens in this sort of situation. 1. Cook has a constant 10-15 patties going on grill regardless of orders put in. 2. Par cooked burgers in a pan on the line (maybe the extra ones reserved from the first method during a lull) thrown on the grill for a couple seconds.

    Heck, I ounce saw a cook boil a bunch of frozen patties in a sheet pan and then throw them on a searing grill to get marks and char. He would likewise boil ribs and then broil the sauce on for a bit. Gross

  3. Ah, I'm so glad you liked it! I got nervous that maybe my college nostalgia tainted by objectivity! You're right…the wings are awesome!

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