Saturday Procurements

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that Saturday was mega-shopping day. I got over to the Troy Farmers Market. Met up with my sister, the raw fruit-only vegan, and a friend of hers before they went to the vegetarian expo. Man, she is getting skinny only eating raw fruit!
These pickles from Puckers Gourmet Pickles and Kraut were tasty, but too expensive for me at $10 per jar. Made Ba-Tampte pickles look much more affordable in retrospect, although I do appreciate the small-batch pickles. Albany John ate a garlic clove out of one of the three day-cured pickles and then we had to leave because princess couldn’t handle the garlic. (Ahem, that’s what you get for not paying attention to what people are saying, ahem)
I drove over to the Menands market to pick up some produce there. I think their items are cheaper than at the Troy Farmers market, and the vendors are nice, too. I am kind of falling in love with Lansing’s Farm – they’re so smiley and nice!
I also got eggs from another vendor – $1 for a dozen because they were on the small side and from new laying chickens. Heck yes!

Hit up the Olde Polish Deli for some more tasty foods. Albany John finally got to peep the insides, and gave it a thumbs up as well.
The proprietor is incredibly nice, too.

Then I went into the Schuyler Bakery. It’s like 2 blocks down from the Olde Polish Deli. GOSSIP TIME! Okay, so there was this middle aged/older lady asking for some kind of baked goods. Only she wanted them hot and fresh out of the oven. And they only had them cold. The counter guy kept telling her that they only had the one batch, and while there was more in the back, they were all baked, and were from the same batch and would be the same. You would’ve thought he told her that her kids were ugly – she acted SO offended, like she wasn’t asking something impossible and that they “Wouldn’t do this one little thing for me?” She muttered something like “Unbelieveable” and walked out of the door in a huff.

I almost couldn’t hold in the laughter before the door closed. I mean, how oblivious do you have to be to ask for something made fresh at a bakery? It would take at least 30-40 minutes for something to bake, plus there would be time to mix the ingredients, and that’s completely disregarding the idea of making something small batch in a large-scale bakery. I mean, it’s a small space, but bakeries make things in mass quantities.

The guy behind the counter explained that one time, this lady came in when they were pulling them from the oven and got the baked good she wanted hot, so now she expects it the same way every time, but is never nice about it. Heck, if that were me I would 1) be nice, and 2) ask if they knew when they’d be baking them so I could try and get there when they’d be hot. I don’t really know what anyone would expect to be super fresh at close to 1 pm at a bakery that opens its doors at 5 am.

I didn’t have much scratch on me, so I got half a dozen hard rolls for a stellar $1.50. They were a little stale tasting, but I’m guessing they would have been great for an early morning breakfast. As Albany John and I were leaving, the same lady who had a hissy fit in the store drove by us to turn around (it was weird… was she waiting for us?) and said “Can you believe some the nerve of some people?”. Again, I almost started laughing, and Albany John goes “Yeah, SOME PEOPLE are really rude,”

I don’t think she got it. Who waits for someone to leave the bakery to try to get them on her side? That’s just creepy.

So here’s my haul. On the bottom are some deli goods from Olde Polish Deli, followed by 2 large heads of garlic, and those rolls from Schuyler Bakery.
Middle row = eggs, red potatoes, and radishes,
Top row = Tomatoes and Cauliflower the tomatoes were only $1 because some of them were worse for wear. They were a fine salad with the two or three bad bits cut off. I am totally fine with culled local produce. It’s less waste overall, too.

Okay, so I am in LURVE with Mr. Olde Polish Deli guy. We got about a half pound of the smoked swiss (because it is irresistably good), and he cut it perfectly thin, then GAVE US THE END PIECE FOR FREE. FREE.

It was about another half pound. I can see why he did it – who wants to buy an end piece? And it creates so much goodwill to your existing kinda new customers. I was like “WAAAHHHH??!!” It was just so. freaking. nice. Yeah, I think I’m a customer for life now.

They also had potato pancakes. $0.85 each, or three for $2.10. I’ve never really had good potato pancakes, but figured I’d give these a shot. SO GOOD, I’m glad I did. They were smooth all the way through, and mostly potato. They were really good cold (which is almost unheard of for fried things), but excellent reheated on a skillet at home to crisp them up.

The potato pancakes weren’t tiny trifling things either – they were large ovals. Definitely worth the money.

HAM, GLORIOUS HAM! If I ever wonder why I’m not as skinny as my little sister, places like The Olde Polish Deli are why. And I am totally fine with that. How could I ever think of not eating this amazingly good double thick bacon? I will wear my double-digit sized clothes with pride. And I could probably wedge myself into them with a little bacon grease, too. See? It’s a MULTITASKER!

I don’t think I ever put this in a pan – it was just… so good cold. Like the best ham you’ve ever had. It was fully cured, it’s not like I was eating raw bacon. And if I was, I DON’T CARE. POLISH BACON SASHIMI FOR ALBANY JANE!

I forget how much this cost exactly, but I want to say something like $7.89 per pound. I don’t know – max $8/lb. It’s great as a sandwich, it’s great as a snack, I think I even heard it’s working on stem cell research to cure cancer.

  1. I betcha that rude lady from the deli does have ugly kids!

  2. the fuj said:

    Bella Napoli is only 5 minutes from Schuyler Bakery and there is absolutely nothing that Schuyler offers that Bella Napoli doesn't do better.

    Also, on the meaty side of things, swing by Cohoes afterwards and pick up some seriously delicious eats from Henry's Market. I do this trip about once a month and get one of their meat plans, which usually works out to be about $3-4/lb for a whole box worth of chicken, pork, steak, and sausage. Check it here:

  3. I wonder if you can do Polish Bacon Sushi, with the bacon wrapped around the rice instead of seaweed. Brilliant!

  4. Anonymous said:

    Thank you for the kinds words about the Menands Farmers Market! We love all our customers and always like to hear that you love us back. 😉 -Lansing Farm Market

  5. Paw said:

    Thanks for checking out our handcrafted old world lacto-fermented pickles…
    Since we are producing small ( 150 – 200 gallons a week )
    The amount of work involved in the process of fermenting and hand packing hundreds of jars is immense.
    Curing in authentic 60gallon Kentucky oak whiskey barrels with over 25 spices justifies our pricing structure…

    As far as our competitor's price, what you save in cost you lose in quality, taste and support of our local economy.

    Check us out at the Honest Weight Food co-op
    Where you can purchase Puckers Gourmet in bulk, this is an economical approach….

    Also the Troy Co-op, the Troy Farmers Market
    and the Schenectady Green Market…

  6. Thanks for the response, Paw! I am interested in the pricing for bulk pickles – could make it more affordable, and I completely understand how labor, time, and heck EVERYTHING intensive small-batch pickle making is.

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