Weekend Scrambling and Amblings

On Sunday morning, I decided I needed to go to Schenectady. I could have sworn I’d seen an African bakery, and for some reason, African baked goods on a Sunday morning sounded perfect. It turns out I was wrong, I’d mistakenly seen a West Indian bakery from afar at night and for some reason thought it was an African bakery, but that was moot because the place was out of business.

So I went to the Schenectady farmers market/Greenmarket in downtown Schenectady instead. It was around noon when I got there, and the line for Thunder Mountain Curry was running strong.

I didn’t get anything, but saw something going on at the public library, so the mister and I walked over. And saw this guy selling garlic from his truck parked just outside of the farmers market. Were they out of tables? But more importantly, were there puppies and candy in his truck bed?

It turns out there was a garage sale going on at the Schenectady Public Library, and Albany John was off. The man loves his tag sales. He took off at a good clip, and I wandered around looking at some junk.

On our way out, I MADE him pull over for this store. All it said was Cheese Bakery & Grocery (1007 State St, Schenectady, NY).

There were about 3 businesses under one roof – the first one was a take out restaurant. Then further back was a jewelry repair shop, and way in the back was an Indian/Asian grocery store. The grocery store wasn’t the freshest, and had very minimal selection, but then again I don’t suppose Schenectady has very many large Asian markets like Albany does.

So I had to order something from the food place. I don’t even know what this was, but it was a gigantic puff of fried dough. YES. And they tossed in 2 sauces. The brown stuff on the left is a sweet sauce, and the stuff on the right is a red-hot hot sauce.

There was a hardboiled egg in the center of the puff ball, surrounded by mashed potatoes and some chili flakes. I don’t like hardboiled eggs, but I liked the mashed potato exterior.

We got two of these bacalao flat bread things. They were also fried on the outside. There were some other things in the counter that were fried, but these two looked the best to me.

The inside was STUFFED with bacalao! So good! It had the chewy texture of a scallion pancake, and was shaped like a pupusa. I was really glad we got two of these. Really good stuff.

$6 for all three items, and such a great deal.

After that, we went to The Fresh Market in Latham, NY. Albany John was reading the sign for hatch chiles and started shaking his head going “Ugh, no.” Do they not have proof readers? I wouldn’t think they were the kind of store that made simple errors like that. Especially on such nice print-ups.

I picked up some Plugra (sale – 2 for $5), and Albany John got a Make-Your-Own-6-Pack ($8.99). If you put the Bug Light Lime in your 6 pack, you’re an idiot, but in what will probably ruin it for the future, they do have a Dead Guy Ale in there, and they sell for $12.99/6-pack at TFM.

Oh yeah – and they had starfruit for $0.98 each!!

  1. llcwine said:

    I noticed other spelling errors too…even in their monthly flyer…too funny…and I could make some jokes about where TFM originated…but since it's the same state from where my husband was born…I'll refrain.

  2. llcwine – I think it being connected to your hubby obligates you to comment.

  3. You know, I've always wanted to go into that cheese & bakery place. Thanks for the Sch'dy spotlight!

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