2nd Anniversary

I’m a woman who firmly believes in saying important things with meat. Things like “Sorry I ran over your cat,” “Officer, I swear, I’ve only had one drink,” and “It was like that when I got here”.

Happy second wedding anniversary is also a pretty okay way to say it with meat.

Albany John and I had the main dishes for our wedding catered by Capital Q, namely some pulled pork and brisket. Nothing crazy, since we thought we’d have around 80 people showing up, but I think we had about half that. If I’d known that, I would have sprung for ribs for the group, but hey, on the plus side, we didn’t have to cook for about two weeks after our wedding, and that was after all of our guests had gone.

So we headed over on our anniversary this year and picked up some take out.

Jalapeno mac and cheese. $2 for the small. This isn’t mac and cheese from a box. There is a ton of cheese on here, and I was surprised by the texture differences in the mac and cheese, considering it sits on the side dish steam table. I loved the craggy hunks of cheese that were on the edges of some of it, and the crunchy bread crumbs. The jalapenos added juuust the right amount of kick.

And I should have ordered a medium or large because I had just gone into the kitchen when Albany John goes … “Um, I ate about half of the macaroni and cheese. It’s REALLY good.” Evidently leaving a little less than 1/3 is “about half” in Albany John land.

We also got some cheese and jalapeno grit fries that we wolfed down in the car on the way home. Not at all greasy, plenty crisp, and well worth the $2 as well.

Here is a half rack of chipotle lime ribs ($13.50). So good.They’re lightly sauced, and at first I wasn’t quite sure there was much flavor, but the chipotle sneaks up on you, and the lime is more of a perk to the sauce than an obvious flavor.

So good. So good.

But these babies are my favorite. A half rack of memphis ribs ($13.50). Did I mention these ribs are huge and not of the babyback variety? Man, $13.50 will get you a lot of ribs. When someone from the south says “Y’all are hungry, hunh?” Maybe that should be a sign of how many ribs you’re ordering.

They have a wonderful smoky flavor imparted in each rib, with the ends (lefty parts in the pic above) becoming almost jerky-like on the outside, giving way to melt-in-your-mouth moist meat underneath.

Albany John also tossed in a half wet chicken ($8). I didn’t really touch this one because of the call of the ribs. It’s a very powerful call.

I think in total, it was something like $38.50 for everything above. Not too shabby, eh?

Yeah, we had leftovers for the next day, too. BBQ leftovers are probably some of the best leftovers ever.

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