Emack & Bolio’s Albany

Perhaps eating a copious amount of food…

is not best followed with a copious amount of frozen cream.

The smallest serving at Emack and Bolio’s on Delaware Ave will run you just under $4. The coco-crazy is crazy rich with creamy coconut flavor. It is more than one scoop. It was like 4 small scoops. Oof. Made the price tag more acceptable, but tummy strain was inevitable. Albany John wisely passed on dessert, but The Profussor and I soldiered on.

Still, great neighborhood spot to gather semi-late in the evening (open til 10 pm, longer hours in the summer) and cute cozy vibe. Kind of like a candy shop.

  1. the fuj said:

    I used to live right down the street. Sketch area, Emack and Bolio's within walking distance was a huge perk!

  2. i think they should have a sch'dy location!

  3. renée said:

    you are crazy for going there on a full stomach!

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