Eggy Weggs

Ahhh soooo. This is what happens when one lives with a deviled egg lover and happens to have some extra time on ones hands. Kung Fu deviled eggs with nori eyes and radish facial hair.

I have this book on Japanese cute food accents. I started out trying to make egg “cars”, but soon decided that was too boring, difficult, and ugly. And that faces were way funner.

The “car” is on the left above. See? It’s so boring. And looks like a baby buggy. Who wants to eat a baby buggy? Especially when there are zany faces to eat!

And then there are the leavings.

In retrospect, perhaps feeding my husband 5 large deviled eggs is not the healthiest weekend snack, but damnit, they were cute.

  1. grace said:

    i've heard of playing with one's food (and i've been guilty of it on more than one occasion), but this takes it to a new level! too cute. 🙂

  2. Mer said:

    These are adorable! And now I want deviled eggs. Drat you, Albany Jane!

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