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A few local bloggers recieved an invitation to try some of the goods at the All Good Bakers stall at the Delmar farmers market this past Saturday. They are starting up the area’s first Community Supported Bakery (CSB), and wanted to get the word out.

As you can tell by the cider donut above, I also joined up with the Profussor and his (non)fussy family to check out the All Good Bakers.

First and foremost, Mrs. Fussy does exist! And she is awesome! We were initially side tracked by the 4 Corners table, which sold some really solid pumpkin and apple cider donuts for $0.50 each.

We made our way over to the All Good Bakers – dontcha just love the graphics? Read what Daniel B. thinks here.

Why hello! Table of baked goods!

This is Nick, half of the dynamic duo that makes up the All Good Bakers.

We sampled a slice of Rustic Italian bread. It had a tight crumb, and was very moist. The breads from All Good Bakers are all locally sourced and organic whenever possible. The flours are organic, heartier, and denser that used in the breads.

We also got a cinnamon bun to try. Well, we almost got two, but they were super popular that morning, and the Profussor and I insisted on splitting one. First off, I love the generous slathering of frosting.

And the nice looking crumb action on the side.

Digging into it revealed lots of layers jam packed with cinnamon and sugar. Oh, and guess what? These were vegan. There was a generous amount of vanilla extract that made it taste really buttery, too. They layers were so moist and not at all dry like most other cinnamon buns I’ve eaten.

Good to the very center. And there was some nice buttery crust on the bottom, too. These large cinnamon buns retail for $2.50. Totally worth picking up, too. I know where I’m going the next time I’m craving cinnamon buns!
Okay, so now do you want to be a member of the CSB?
You can contact Nick and Britin at
Shares begin November 3, 2010, and the cut off date for signing up is October 24th (but they ask you sign up as soon as possible). You can even specify what kind of baked good you’d like. How awesome is that?
Share pricing for 26 weeks is: $156 for 1 unit per week, $312 for 2 units per week, $468 for 3 units per week.
Pick ups will be on Wednesdays from 5 pm – 7 pm in Delmar (Delmar Reformed Church on 386 Delaware Ave, Delmar, NY) and Albany, with the Albany location still to be determined.
What are you waiting for? Email them and sign up! If you aren’t much of a baker, then this is right up your alley – local, mostly organic bread every single week.

After that, there was a Peruvian stall that had piping hot fried things coming out of the fryer. The Profussor was immediately drawn over and ordered one. They were called yuca rellenos ($3), and came with a little side of green peruvian sauce. Yummy cilantroy creamy goodness with a little kick.

I GOT SOME OF IT, tooo!!! Yaaaay! It was also super good. Nice fried exterior, thick yuca walls, and a dollop of meaty goodness in the center. Tasted really beefy and intense, like chuck or brisket. A little on the oily side with the filling, but overall really worth getting hot out of the fryer (I don’t know how they’d stand up under the steam trays). I have found my next food project.
  1. Nice buns! 😉 I'm inclined to think that the cinnaminy goodness might be better than my mother's.

  2. “First and foremost, Mrs. Fussy does exist! And she is awesome!”

    As if there was any doubt? For the record, Mrs. Fussy thinks that you are pretty awesome too. Pretty much you have enchanted the whole family.

    So maybe if they seem unfussy, it's probably just their clever ploy to try and get more cookies from you.

  3. It'll be a little colder on Saturday, but we hope you will all come visit us from 9-1 at the Delmar Market (Bethlehem Middle School, Kenwood Ave.) to have a taste of our baked goods & meet over 40 other great local producers! We'll have lots of Bread, Buns and other tasty treats for you. We're happy to answer any questions you may have about us, feel free to contact us anytime.

    The Delmar Market will be inside the school November – December 15. There are lots of local crafters during the colder months, and a warm & friendly atmosphere.

    Hope to see you there!
    All Good Bakers

  4. All Good said:

    In case you haven't heard yet, our Albany pick-up has been confirmed: every Wed. night from 5-7pm starting Nov. 3, we'll be at:

    The Women's Building
    373 Central Ave (356 Sherman in back)

    Enter around back! Red garage door between Quail & Ontario, entry door on left. Street or McD's parking.

    Delmar pick-up is the Delmar Reformed Church (also Weds from 5-7). Blue kitchen door on left – enter from Adams St near church playground


  5. All Good said:

    We've got 41 shares sold as of the deadline! We need at least 100 to make our kitchen rental viable. We are going to start accepting applications for the CSB on a rolling, pro-rated basis until we hit our mark. If you missed the deadline, you can still join! Just deduct the weeks you've missed and get your order form in at least a week in advance so that we can have the proper materials on hand.

    The Delmar Market starts its indoor winter run this Saturday, Oct. 30 – Dec. 15 (Bethlehem Middle School Cafeteria) – there will be lots of local crafters, fall/winter vegetables, grass-fed meat & a warm and friendly atmosphere. Only one of 3 Saturday indoor winter markets close to Albany!

    AGB won't be there Oct. 30, but we'll be back in full force the first weekend of Nov. We'll be baking from our new kitchen space and will have more breads for you to choose from! Hope to see you there.

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