Parivar Chat

I think I can breathe now. Daniel B. and I went to Parivar (1275 Central Ave, Albany, NY) to peruse the new Indian grocery store, and also to get a peep of the hot bar area in the back, known as Parivar Chat.

Their menu is comprised of some different kinds of chat, as well as South Indian dishes, and a bunch of desserts.

One of the guys there is from Cali, and had a business there before moving to the East Coast. Daniel B, Mr. California, was quite pleased with the selection.

We started off with some pre-made drinks from the fridge. A Pista Falooda (pistachio drink) for me, and mango lassi for Dan and the kiddo. Both were $3.99. Kind of on the expensive side, but man were they good. The lassi was so fresh and really tasted like fresh mango, not like mango pulp and sugar. The pista? Dude, it was like a shake. There was green vermicelli noodle bits in there, and tons of crushed pistachios. Really thick, and REALLY good. $3.99 is totally fair for that drink.

Papdi chat for $4.99. Chickpeas, diced red onions, crunchy strips that are kind of like toasted pita chips, and other crunchy fluffy bits on top. All slathered with some hot and sweet and salty yogurty sauce. Yum! There was a bit of kick to this, but it was really on the mild side, and addictive to eat. And pretty filling for two people.

Masala Dosa ($5.99). Hello gigantic pancake thing filled with potatoes! It was a little on the thick and tough side, but so enjoyable to eat. There was the hot red sauce, and the less hot but still pretty hot nutty coconut sauce to dip in to, plus lentil soup.

SAMOSA!! $1.50, and came with the tamarind and green sauces.
Not too oily, plenty crisp, and a good dose of heat and spice in the filling! I was reaching for the water at this point.

Chole Bhature ($5.99) came out to round out lunch. It was all vegetarian, but so filling. Also, it looks like they don’t open officially until 3 pm per their signage, but they were very accomodating to our orders and others who came by to pick up sweets and stuff for home.

Chole is poofy fried dough with bean things on the side! And a really hot red paste for slathering (note: slather lightly – this is oil based and REALLY packs a kick). How could I not love this?!

Dan demonstrates how to attack a chole. With yo hands!! The chickpea side of beans was well flavored – just tons of… flavor! Dan and I managed to finish just about everything, but barely. Just barely. It might not look like a lot, but we probably would have been fine with one drink and two dishes. It was just… so filling. And so good. And so hard to stop eating.

Ok, I just wanted to let you guys know that. Now I’mma go off to Astoria and drink my weight in Czech beer.


  1. How is it that I am in love via photos?

    I am in love via photos. Why must I work instead of immediately driving down Central Ave to authentic goodness? Why?!?

  2. Anonymous said:

    OMFG. I am on my way *right now*.

  3. Anonymous said:

    will def check this place out next time!

    btw, the chole is the chick pea dish (which you can eat with other things, like naan) and the bhatura is the puffy fried component. They are two separate things that can be served together as a dish.

    Incidentally, normally you get more chole when you order “chole bhatura” whereas here it looks sort of like a side dish.. chole is usually the main, filling part of the dish.


  4. Just moseyed on over to Parivar today on the basis of this blog. I had a Samosa Chaat and it was delish! As for the grocery store, I shop often at India Bazaar up the road and this place compared favorably in some areas and not in others. IB has a wider selection of bagged spices for better prices than what I saw at Parivar, but Parivar did have a really nice selection of spices and grocery items. I didn't have the chance to check out Parivar's fresh produce but plan to do so the next time I'm in need of Indian goodies. Thanks for the recommendation; I would never have know about Parivar it it weren't for your blog!

  5. Thanks for writing up your visit! I'll join the game of identify the dish. Full disclosure… I don't know nothing. I'm a white guy with experience mainly with northern indian cuisine, but I've been studying the menu and doing some searches in an effort to learn about a few new to me items. Onward. I think the first dish pictured is chole bhatura (chick pea stew). I think the last dish is papdi chat (with papdi being the bread and the chat, or snack, referring to the chick pea topping–most pictures show it assembled, but I think their approach of letting you do the work is a good one). Google chole bhatura and papdi chat and see if you don't agree. Thanks again!

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