Wings at The Fountain

What does one do after a hard day of judging pizza? Get wings and drinks with your fellow judges, ya!

We ended up at The Fountain (283 New Scotland Ave, Albany, NY 12208), nearer the end of the night when things were winding down for them. We have judged their pizza for the Tournament of Pizza in the past, and I dig it, though it’s pub pizza and nothing at all like NY style pizza (for those wondering).

I’ve eaten there in the past, although it was never much to really keep me coming back, it’s a solid enough space. While I’m not exactly giving it a glowing review, it’s one of those neighborhood joints you can go, get reliably good food in a relaxed atmosphere. The service is always slow when I’ve gone, but when you’re chatting and hanging out, this is a positive and not a negative since the tables aren’t getting turned and burned. So yeah, if you’re pressed for time or on a schedule, this is probably not the first place on your list, but if you want to shoot the shit and have a leisurely evening, this is a great bet.

Two orders of wings for Daniel B., Joe & Nora, Albany John and me. First up were the garlic wings ordered extra crispy. Good crisp skin on them with lots of crunch. Not really a lot of garlic flavor, though.

I also kind of balked at the prices. $6.95 for 10 wings. That’s almost a dollar a wing (I know, I know, technically $0.695 per wing). I know we’re in the middle of a wing recession, but yikes. They had better be fucking amazing for that price. I guess the $7 for 12 wings at the Ruck isn’t so bad after all.

Okay, I also kind of balk at the $0.30 charge for all take-out orders at The Fountain. I mean, how is that price not built in to the dinners? The people who dine-in and take their leftovers home aren’t charged extra, and will cost the house more than just taking food out, so why the extra charge for someone getting take out? It just kind of comes off as nickel and diming the customers to me.

The extra crispy, extra hot wings weren’t really either. They were hot, but nothing I couldn’t take (which means they weren’t really hot), and a few bites here and there were crispy, but the skin got soggy over a lot of them. Eh. Not a fan of the soggy fried chicken skin texture.

I don’t know. Overall I think The Fountain serves its function, and I’d go there to meet up with someone, but I don’t know if I’d ever really pick it myself, you know? Like, it’s fine. Fine. But I think The Lark Tavern spoiled me for so many years with such amazingly good pub food, prices, and service. So now when I go out, I’m like “It’s good. It’s fine.” But there’s always the subconscious Lark Tavern bar to pass, which is unfairly high.

  1. beck said:

    I live within walking distance of The Fountain but I never go there. I've been a few times – enough to know I don't like their food. People rave over it, and I just don't get it.

  2. AJ didn't say this in the post, but The Fountain was a wing destination of last resort.

    Nobody could tell how late the new Scubbers was open so we went to Graney's, which turned out to be having trivia night. Bummer.

    So it was off to The Fountain.

    My previous trip had turned me off to the place for good which was a bit sad, because despite the average foodstuffs served there it is a warm and cozy environment.

    People rave over lots of things. That doesn't make them good.

  3. Realists said:

    You all kill me, all you guys do is whine about food and always say “the last time the food was horrible but I went back anyway and it was horrible” Stay the fuck home! All your palates are so refined that it isn't worth going out EVER. You whine about prices, service, and food get over yourselves. And daniel b, did you finally get over the prices at scubbers? And as far as blowing them for there wings- they closed for a reason last time

  4. Realists said:

    I should give credit to “wow-ed” on the Bros Tacos review when I said

    -All your palates are so refined that it isn't worth going out EVER-

    I liked it so I borrowed the same idea, and by the way- I love Bros Tacos!!

  5. Realists said:

    I should give credit to “wow-ed” on the Bros Tacos review when I said

    -All your palates are so refined that it isn't worth going out EVER-

    I liked it so I borrowed the same idea, and by the way- I love Bros Tacos!!

  6. beck – I like their food, and I think part of the charm is the whole neighborhood thing.

    Dan – good points, especially the latter.

    Realists – While I know you're exaggerating how we may come off as nit-picky, I also agree with the whole “If it's so bad, why go back” idea. But I also believe in the ability for things to change, and hopefully for the better. I think checking in every few years to see how things are holding up isn't a bad idea either. I mean, can you imagine how great it would have been if these were some of the best wings I'd ever eaten? How would I have know that if I just kept staying away? I could have missed out on the best wings EVAR! I mean, I didn't, but it could have happened.

  7. Kerosena said:

    Good points about the Fountain. I think I really just like the atmosphere there more than the food. The waitresses are all pretty cool, and I love the all-ages, neighborhood vibe. Pizza prices are good, I always run into someone I know, and really, is fresh, piping hot pizza ever truly BAD?

  8. i have been eating at the fountain for years, but recently i find that you can taste that they don't change their oil frequently enough, which to me is a total turn off. it is super pronounced when you eat non-chicken wing fried food.

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