Cholula Hot Sauces

For someone who doesn’t have much of a heat tolerance, I have a surprising amount of spicy condiments in my fridge. Some get used quicker than others, but I love the searing kick of something hot and spicy. When I was offered the chance to try out four of Cholula‘s hot sauces, I jumped at it.

I pretty much said “OH HECK YES!! I LOOOOVE CHOLULA!” and then ran to Albany John to be like “Oh my gosh! I’m getting free Cholula to try!! They make flavors we’ve never had before!” and “I swear to God, if you open that package before I do and try them, I. Will. Cut. You.” So great is my love of Cholula.

I’ve had the original a bunch of times to know that it’s good stuff. It straddles the border between spicy and painful, adding flavor and heat to whatever you slather it on. The original is good stuff, and a nice combination of piquin and arbol chiles that add a warm heat to dishes. I’ve also gotta say it is wildly easy to eat in large batches. I’ve seen them at Hannaford for about $2.89 per bottle. Not bad, but the way I can go through it, yikes, that could add up quickly.

I’ve never seen the chili garlic Cholula hot sauce, and holy moly, if you love the original, get the chili garlic! I love it! Sadly it is unavailable at Hananford, so I’ll see if I can’t order it online. Just the right amount of garlic flavor. I think I like it better than the original.

If the original and chili garlic Cholulas are the warm flavors, I’d classify the chipole and chili lime Cholulas as the cooler/tarter flavors. They had more of a vinegar note than the originals. The chipotle was good, but oh man, it had nothing on that chili garlic. Hannaford also sells the Chipotle Cholula, which might be better than the Tabasco Chipotle. I will have to try them both to compare, since Tabasco Chipotle has been one of my fave hot sauces for the past few years now.

The chili lime had tons of lime flavor. I thought it would be more of a back note. Out of all of them, this was probably my least favorite, but it doesn’t mean it’s bad. Albany John loved it, and we’ve pretty much found out that we have opposing heat preferences. I tend to like the heat that is slower to build up and lingers, while he loves the quick and punchy hot sauces. Lemme put it this way, if you like Sriracha, you’ll like the chipotle and chili lime Cholula hot sauces.

I sampled the Cholula hot sauces with some homemade fish tacos, but dudes, Cholula goes well on just about everything. They’re great with eggs, with meat, beans… I haven’t really found a savory dish I don’t like it with.

Don’t let the restaurants Cholula advertises as being at fool you (I’m looking at you, IHOP and TGI Friday’s), they’re the real deal when it comes to flavor and balance.

I hope you will love them too, and then you can hang out with me and we can eat foods slathered in Cholula, but you should probably BYOB of Cholula, because if you use the last of my Cholula I. Will. Cut. You.

  1. Why yes, as a matter of fact, I do love the rooster sauce

  2. Anonymous said:

    Whilst cleaning out the fridge last night I came to the realization that I have 10 diferent hot sauces in there…and each one serves a distinct and necessary purpose.

    I fear you are forcing me to expand the arsenal…

  3. How is it you get to try all these cool things?!?! Jealous.

    I mix it with ketchup when eating french fries. What's better is when you get them to go, drench the spuds in both sauces, and shake the container like crazy.

  4. Mer said:

    Cholula takes the awesome that is Mexican food, and makes it even more awesome. I eat large amounts of it when I've got a sinus infection to help drain my nose. Works amazing.

  5. p – you would!

    Anon – expand! Go forth with hot sauce expansionism!

    Lili – I'm very dedicated to my craft.
    And I think I'm going to have to mix hot sauce and mustard now… oh yum.

    Mer – See? Now there's a good holistic cure!

  6. Amy said:

    I saw the Cholula Chili Garlic sauce at the Westmere Price Chopper in the International hot sauce section. I think it was $3.89 a bottle, about 10 or 20 cents more expensive than the original. And about a dollar more than Hannaford Cholula prices.

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