Holy Moly, halloween on a Sunday = weekend of Halloween. I kind of pooped out after hitting up Matt Baumgartner’s party at the Washington Park Lakehouse on Friday night. It was a great party! Lots of beer everywhere (and a pink drink that reminded me of jungle juice from college), short skirts, and tons of good music. Ran in to lots of cool people, like a Dinosaur, an Axe Cop, and a pretty Mad Men Joanie. Plus about ten million lady Gagas and a handful of Justin Beibers. I haven’t had that much fun in a while and will definitely hit it up again next year.

Saturday, Albany John and I went to one of his friend’s kid’s birthday party. Hello, cookie above. I think more children should be allowed to ice cookies if that’s the frosting ratio they put on. It was glorious.

We left around dinner time and I was tired and still getting over my eight shades of hungover from the night before, and stopped in to the Asian Food Market on Colvin Ave. And I ended up getting about $50 in groceries for the house, and the makings for hot pot. I end up buying so many random groceries when I shop tired.

I was thinking about getting one of those electric hot pot pots with the separator so you can do two kinds at once, but thank goodness I was only tired and not drunk. Because drunk Albany Jane would TOTALLY buy that half-opened box with the electric pot in it.

But any way. We bought a few packets of hot pot seasoning. And Albany John convinced me to make the spiciest one. And wow, was it good. $1.39 per packet, and… yeah. Good searing heat.

As you can see, we safely jury rigged a pot to sit over some lit sterno cans. It worked. Whatever. And there was seltzer on the table in case a fire broke out. As ugly and unsafe as it may be though, nothing happened, which means I am so going to be doing this in the future. Hello hot pot without having to buy a new unitasking pot!

We also had some lamb, beef, achoy sum, white button mushrooms, fish cakes, sliced onions, whole shrimp, and bean sprouts. Plus bowls of rice, because you need some kind of starchy carb to try and offset that heat.

The long fish cakes were AWESOME. I mean, the beef and lamb slices were also really good, but oh man, those fish cakes plumped up when you forgot about them left them in the pot to cook for a while. And they didn’t get too, too spicy either.

The packet also had a recipe to make your food “more delicious”. Sesame oil + salt + msg + minced garlic. I think the MSG might have been unnecessary (and I love MSG), but that was a kick-ass dipping sauce.

The broth itself was no-joke, though. Chunks of this and that, and lots of bubbling red oil. This isn’t diet food. Especially if you slather your meat in the spicy dipping sauce. But it’ll get you sweating like crazy, so make sure to have a pitcher of water handy, or whatever other icy cold beverages you want. After a while the ma la peppers will kick in and and have a numbing effect on your tongue, but yeah… those peppers will still burn like crazy. Just less crazy than if there were no ma la peppers. And you can still taste all of your food, it just numbs your tongue to the spicy chili peppers. This is definitely a half-assed explanation of what hot pot is, but trust me, it’s awesome and you want to do it.

Ok, so it was fun, but it would probably have been more fun with more people over. These sauce packets are made for about 4-6 people, and we had a lot of broth left over once we were done. Who’s up for ghetto hot pot at my joint?

Oh yeah, after that I had absolutely no desire to go out, but a really strong desire to nap, and then I napped most of Sunday too after I did a bunch of boring writing stuff. It was glorious. Albany John gave some candy to trick-or-treaters, but I kept my butt firmly planted on the couch.

Oh. And he made pho and it was awesome. And then I made salt and pepper smelts and shrimp. Also awesome.

  1. DelSo said:

    I am intrigued with your ghetto hot pot… I think I need to bring it to the DelSo. PS – Thanks for the shout out.

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