Beef Tendon in a Crockpot

Made beef tendon in a crockpot. So good. So easy.

All it took was a seasoning packet, some whole beef tendons (don’t cut them up), 2-3 cans of beef broth, soy sauce, ginger, and garlic. Set on low overnight and wake up in the morning to delicious smells. You can find that spice packet locally at the Asian Supermarket (Central Ave, Albany, NY) for under $2 for about 8 or so tea baggies worth.

Beef tendon is gloriously chewy and unctuous. I love getting it for dim sum, but many places in Albany don’t have beef tendon on their menus.

It smells like a barn when raw (which I was blaming on the tripe or chicken feet in my cart), but cooks up into magical beefy goodness. Once it’s done cooking you can cut them up into long strips, or short chop stickable nubbins like I did. It’s great with some noodles mixed in, too.

It can melt away into a gelatinous soup base, so if you want a soup that’ll turn into jell-o after it cools off, just toss in some beef tendon chunks until they disappear with your regular recipe. Which brings me to another point – don’t cook this too long or you’ll be left with a pot of gel. Although I suspect that would take all day to cook, or if you cut them up before crockpotting them.

Give it a go, it’s really good, and about a pound of it will feed 5 easily. It’s pretty filling stuff. All I know is it’s an easy road to umami city.

  1. Third Auntie said:

    I haven't had beef tendon since I was a kid living at home. I can't recall how my mom cooked it. It was either red cooked or braised with large chunks of daikon or stewed wth some soy bean paste. Wish I could remember. This is definitely a real homestyle Chinese dish. Does your husband like this dish? I know mine would most likely say no to eating it. When can I come over to enjoy this with you?

  2. Third Auntie – This is one of my favorite dishes at dim sum in the city, and even then it's not all that frequent.
    I think the red cooked kind is okay, but there's a metallic note in it I'm not a big fan of. Definitely into the darker, brown kind more 🙂

    Husband liked it okay, but I was going back for thirds while he was still on his first bowl. I'll put some in the freezer for you!

  3. What season packet are you talking about? What is it called?

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