Turkey Prices

You may remember that I was curious about turkey prices for Thanksgiving last year, and called around for turkeys and prices. Overall, the prices for turkeys seem to be the same. And they birds are spelled “Jaindl” and not “Jaindal” like I mistakenly typed last year. Whoops.

At any rate, here are the most up-to-date prices I have found for turkeys sold by local butchers for Thanksgiving 2010 in the Cap Region. These turkeys are minimally processed and most if not all are all natural and fed vegetarian diets. If you have anything you’d like to add, please add a comment.

In no particular order:

Honest Weight Food Co-Op – Misty Knoll (from Vermont) turkeys $4.39/lb. Pasture raised, antibiotic- and hormone-free. Organic Stone & Thistle turkeys (near Oneonta) $6.29/lb.

Fred The Butcher – Clifton Park location is changing, will not have turkeys for Thanksgiving. New location will open up about a week after Thanksgiving.

Helmbold’s – Not open on Mondays, will call back Tuesday and see.

Roma Importing – (Call 785-7746 for Roma’s Butcher department) No official pricing as of yet, but Prices will be similar to last year, which were – Jaindl’s at $2.59/lb, and Murray’s for $2.99/lb. They prefer Murray’s as the better turkey. Both are all natural turkeys.

Cardona’s Market – Jaindl turkeys for about $2.69/lb and Plainville turkeys for about $2.79/lb. Both are all natural birds, no preference between the two.

Pioneer Food Market/Troy Co-Op – Plainville turkeys for $2.99/lb – all natural bird. Order deadline by Nov 14th.

It looks like the popular All Natural turkeys are Jaindl and Plainville. From what I’ve read, Jaindl seems to be a lighter or lower-fat turkey than others, and has more white meat than other turkeys. I purchased my Thanksgiving turkey from Cardona’s Market last year, and may do the same again this year. I forget which kind it was, but it was a tasty bird. I want to say it was the Jaindl. However, I’ve really been digging Murry’s chickens that are available at Roma and the Troy Co-Op, so I might go that route, too.

I am also interested in the idea of buying a turkey from a local farm, but most of them pre-order at the beginning of the season. But if anyone knows of one, please post a comment to let us know.
  1. JoJo said:

    R was at The Fresh Market and they're advertising happy(humanely raised, natural diet, etc.) turkey's for $1.99/lb. I can't remember what the brand was, but that's sounds like a reasonable deal.

  2. Adam said:

    I spoke to the folks from the Mariaville Angus Farm a few weeks ago at the Schenectady Farmers Market, and although I missed the deadline for ordering a turkey, they said they might have some extra. You should stop by and ask them what the deal is. They said their birds would be a minimum of 15 pounds or so.

  3. Route 66 Meats has $3.49/lb for free-range antibotic free

  4. Chrystal said:

    I think you should get a Plainville turkey. I grew up near Plainville, NY. I received a scholarship from them when I graduated high school, not a lot but it was nice to see them give back to the local community.

  5. Third Auntie said:

    This might help with your decision, it's from 2008 Epicurious Turkey Taste Test

    I really prefer a fresh killed turkey because that's what we grew up with (amazing what you can order in NYC). Free-range (organic or not) turkeys are very good but they are expensive. I usually cook a Plainville turkey but would still like to try a turkey from Murray's or Bell and Evans because their chickens are really tasty.

  6. You know, I found the Stone and Thistle's website, and they sell their turkeys for $3.75 for local pick up. Granted it's about an hour and a half away and gas would negate any savings, but still… wow that's a lot less than that $6+ it's retailing for at the co-op.

  7. Anonymous said:

    Does anybody know a place that will deep fry a turkey for you, or order one

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