CSN Stores Winner

You guys are some awesome readers! I initially put up a teaser post saying that I’d received a gift certificate worth $75 at any of CSN’s stores (they sell random stuff ranging from technology to kitchenware, to bar tables and stools). My true intentions were to get a bunch of comments on that post (the CSN posts tend to be pretty popular here on Albany Eats! for some reason) and give the certificate away to a commenter. I perhaps didn’t come off that well, but I promise my intentions were good.

I wanted it to be like when my Mom and her boyfriend were like “Yeah, we’re moving to Texas, and you’re not going back to see your friend in New York this Christmas. Or ever again!” They later surprised us kids with a trip to New York during Christmas, but let’s just say that there was a lot of sobbing in the interim between us kids. God, why did I do that original post? Okay guys, I promise I’m never going to do something like that again. YOU CAN ALWAYS COME TO NEW YORK FOR CHRISTMAS!

Oh, where was I? Right, sorry, there is an actual giveaway here. I promise. So I added all of the commenters who had contact info and put their names in a bowl above. Shook it around, and picked a winner…

Congrats Sue Rock! Although truth be told, I really selfishly wanted to give it away to CuteEllaisBold cause the girl is just so damned cute. Or -S to see what he would do with it (I’mma go with buy camera equipment). No offense, Sue Rock. I’m sure you are super cool and I will check out your blog now – thanks for leaving a comment!

Well, I am currently in Western Mass having early Thanksgiving with my in-laws (who loaned me the cute candy dish you see holding the sticky notes with names on them (I am SO legit)). We had an awesome dinner last night, but it’s 9:45 am and that turkey carcass isn’t going to pick itself.

Kisses, and sorry for the trauma! If it helps, I think you are really pretty. And funny. And smart. Also, would you like some cookies? I also have pictures of cute cats if that will help.

  1. When I saw this on FB I cracked up cause you know, I was in the know!

    And selfishly I wanted to win that too! But Sue's a great gal and I bet if we ask nicely she'll review whatever it is she gets πŸ™‚

    You rock AJ!

  2. Sue Rock said:

    I never win anything! Yay! πŸ™‚

    So, thank you for the prize, and thank you, Cute~Ella, for that compliment. I sure will review whatever I get.

  3. Anonymous said:

    Boy people are really gullible. I am not buying your change of heart. The anger of your readers made you change your mind when you realized how bad the post sounded. This explanation is lame instead of tacky and totally unbelievable.

  4. Cuteella – haha, awesome! I read her blog!

    Sue – glad you won!

    Anon – the beauty of the internet is that no one really knows what's ever going on.

    lili – where did you get that gif of me?! lol

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