Pizza Central

The re-opening of Pizza Central (1123 Central Ave, Colonie, NY) had signs up touting their new ownership and $1 slices through the end of November.

See? Any slice, $1. This prompted a frenzied call to my fooding partner in crime, Daniel B., which went something like this: “Dan! Dollar pizza slices! DOLLAR PIZZA SLICES!! EAT! WE! PPPIIIZZZZAAAHHH!!!”

He kindly obliged my half-coherent call and we met up for pizza. Pizza Central is REALLY busy for lunch with these $1 slice deals, and they have all of, like, five parking spots. But all of the slices are ONE DOLLAR! You can wait it out or park nearby and walk from a side street.

All of the pizzas on display are available. I think the bigger one above may have been $1.50.

The one on the left had me really intrigued. It’s probably hard to see, but it was a good amount of cheese and cheese charring and crust bubbles. It was chicken bacon ranch, which is something I’d normally never consider, but when slices are $1 each, it’s easy to say “Ah, the hell with it,”.

I also got a tomato broccoli slice (y’know, to be healthy, haha). Man, these were GOOD! The crusts were airy and moist on the interior, and crackery crisp on the exterior. The underneath part of the crust was beautifully thin and equally crisp. I’m not sure how a whole pie would fare, since part of the allure of these slices was how crispy they got when reheated in the oven.

Oh, and that chicken bacon ranch? Most of the ranch flavor cooked off, so it just tasted like chicken and bacon pizza on really good crust.

Some of the crusts were shaped or made differently though. The crust on the plain was different from my crazily flavored slices.

There are still a few days left where you can enjoy some solid slices for $1. If you’ve got the time, give it a go. There are some counters and stools and one booth to sit at, but you probably want to do the take-out thing.

Pizza Central is pretty close to the Hong Kong Bakery in the Asian Supermarket on Central Ave, so we popped over there so I could make good on a promise to the Fussy Little Baby. Red bean bun. The kiddo loves beans, and I figured she seriously needed to try one of these Asian bad boys. Bean + sweet. How could she not like it?

We scored big time and found some red bean buns still warm sitting on the counter! A $0.90 victory if there ever was one. I also got a dan tat for the big kid (me). They’re good ’cause they’re fresh dan tats, but they are no match for the ones from fresh ones from the city. This dan tat has a uniformly crumbly pie/cookie-like consistency. The eggy flavor is great, though. But it’s no double-dough flaky crust that I really love. Which is probably a good thing. Otherwise I’d be eating these non-stop.

I think she likes it.

  1. The ranch became irrelevant…bacon wins!

  2. Anonymous said:

    The presence of this pizza place was critical to my wife's and my decision to buy a house nearby.

    Seriously though, I feel bad for Inferno's Pizza which sends us coupons that reek of desperation. I've had their pizza. I'll not have it again

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