Mini Wing Tour

Sometimes Four Loko does crazy things to a person. Other times it just leaves you with a craving for wings. After sampling some of the worst finest caffeinated malt beverages on the market with some of the AOA crew, The Profussor saw fit to head over to Bombers Burrito Bar to try some of their wings. He’d never been, and omfgbomberswingsdroooool.

I suggested going with the tequila wings, since they’re like crack. They came out in short order with plenty of crispy skin. Have they changed the sauce, or just started giving more of it? There was a bunch of tequila-y, garlicky, oily sauce on the bottom, which Daniel B. seemed to relish. He’d resauce a wing with just about every bite.

That crispy skin man, gets me every time.

And continuing our deisres to harden our arteries before the year is up, we went to Wing Night at The Ruck in Troy, NY the very next night. $0.40 wings. $4.00 per an order of 10. Glorious. Glorious.

I got the BBQ (left), and Daniel B. got an order of hot wings (right). Good lord, his mouth must be made partially out of asbestos, because he polished them off with no problem. Albany John and I can’t even make it through an order of these.

The ordering system at The Ruck can be described as confusing to those who’ve never been. You order at the food counter, and sometimes they take your name to call out. This time they didn’t so when I’d periodically hover and hope that our order was up, I just had to keep bugging the line cook. There was a bit of confusion when I mentioned “BBQ and hot” which got confused with BBQ Hot (which I am kind of scared of, but I bet it’s delicious, so maybe next time) so our order sat out for a few minutes before either of us realized that they were my order.

They were still crispy, but not as hot as they’d normally be and I could only polish off about a half-dozen before calling it quits.

Overall, I’m glad that the illustrious Daniel B. was able to try two of my favorite places for wings with me. So tasty! Clearly the next stop on our Troy leg of the mini wing tour should have been the Ale House, but we’ll have to leave that for the next time.

  1. B said:

    Enh, not really crazy about Bombers' wings, but they're not terrible either.

    Now that Tess (with Shy) is there, McGeary's is the place for wings.

  2. llcwine said:

    thanks for the recommendation for the tequila wings, so crispy yet so flavorful!!! Me and hubby went for lunch yesterday and are trying to figure out when we can go back…sure the place is a bit of a dive, but the food was great, and happy hour prices until 7 pm!!!

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