Happy Thanksgiving

I’m going to look like this tomorrow. True story, I can unhinge my jaw if I need to ingest a lot of food (I can’t, but how awesome would that be?). Except only I’ll be dressed like a ninja because when you host holidays you can make the rest of your family dress up in costume.

I hope you all are as bloated and full as I am, needing the rest of the week to recover on the couch, much like a beached whale.

Most of all, I’m thankful for you guys, and the turkey I’m going to eat (I wound up getting a Murray’s bird).

  1. have a great, delicious fun filled holiday 😀

  2. DelSo said:

    I love your John Lennon-esque graphic, but wanted to point out a problem with your turkey anatomy…according to my 5 y/o turkeys have 6 wings, so you might want to pencil a few more on to your bird. We've learned to not argue with him – trust me.

  3. p – yaaah!

    DelSo – I'd be down for some GM'ed turkeys with 6 wings. Crackly skin central!

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