Dino BBQ

Went to Dinosaur Bar-B-Que in Troy after picking up the Bro-in-law from the bus station from the city. He and Albany John still had to check the place out. Service was great – really friendly, no rush.

The three of us split the 2 person appetizer sampler ($9.99). 2 deviled eggs, 2 grilled/smoked chicken wings (the drumettes), some spicy boiled shrimp, and 2 fried green tomatoes.

Shrimp were good. Spice powder was on the outside, so it didn’t carry very much after peeling them. They were served coldy, cold, cold and had just the right snap to ’em. I’d actually get them again.

Albany John lurved him some deviled eggs, and he and his bro really liked the wings. I wasn’t much a fan, but that’s more because I like my wings to have some kind of crispy or taught skin to them. They kind of melted off on these wings. But whatever, cause Albany John thought I was crazy for not loving them.

Really liked those fried green tomatoes, and whatever buttermilk kind of dip they had for them. I want, like, 800 more of them. They weren’t the least bit greasy, and were plenty crunchy. Yum. Yes, please.

And then I stopped taking decent pictures. But CVS my Bro-in-law got a platter. The cornbread was definitely old, but we were there at the end of the night, so I guess it’s kind of expected to get the rock hard old ones. I still can’t shake the feeling that I wish they’d give you just a touch more food, but my bro(in law) CVS made a good point about a meal he and his fiance/my buddy Maka had at 5 Guys.

Long story kind of short, she didn’t know that regular orders were double burgers, so she ended up ordering them both double burgers and they couldn’t come close to finishing the fries. It was so much food for the money, he thought that the portions at Dino BBQ were … responsible (in comparison to the 5 Guys experience). I guess I can see that. But part of me just equates BBQ to generous portions.

Albany John & I went for sandwiches. He got a brisket sandwich with blue cheese and carmelized onions. I thought about this one, but the combo seemed like it could be either REALLY good or REALLY bad.

I tried a nibble of brisket, but eh. It was okay. Not really smokey, even though it had the pink ring and everything. Not really beefy either. I like Captial Q’s brisket better.

The combo of blue cheese & caramelized onions? I, uh, did not less-than-three it. This was just a personal preference. Albany John really liked it. Just a little too many potent flavors. Those caramelized onions were caramelized into a sweet brown pile. I have neurotic issues with the combination of sweet and savory, so yeah. My bad.

None of the sides seemed to call me, so I just got a sandwich. Hot link for this lady, thanks! I think it was about two links of sausage with onions and pimento cheese. I liked the grind of it, and the snappy casings on the sausage. Can you see the grind on it? Nice and thick. They cut the sausages in halves to make an easier-to-eat sandwich. A few lightly sauteed onions. And their pickles on the side.

When I first got the sandwich, all I thought was “Man, that is a lot smaller than I thought it would be.” Props on the bread – I think it’s a bun from Bella Napoli (right down the road from them). Lightly sweet and super squishy. I like this bread. Just maybe a little overwhelming with the sausage, and I love my bread. It was just a bit too bready of a sandwich overall. Maybe more sausage or less bread? Thinner buns?

I thought the pickles on the side were great, too. Definitely an apple cider vinegar brine. I just would have liked more than two little coin-sized slices of pickle.

Pimento cheese was not bad, but Albany John really didn’t like it. I kinda dug it though.

Overall, I’d say the only thing that I really, really like at Dinosaur BBQ are their ribs. I’ll definitely keep coming back for them, but I wish they’d sell them without sides. Does anyone know if they’ll just sell you a rack of ribs, or ribs without sides?

  1. Their greens reminded me of sauerkraut…not a bad thing, just not what I was expecting

  2. Mr.Dave said:

    I still haven't been to the Troy location, but I have been to the Syracuse one several times. I think peoples expectations for Dino BBQ where a little hight. The food is good, but it is not some sort of religious experience. Was there still a hefty weight time? I refuse to go there until I am sure I can get seated within 5 minutes… Because I'm cranky and hate getting jostled in a crowded lobby waiting for a table.

  3. I tried there the other night and thought the portions were plenty generous — got a 3-meat platter (and split the fried tomatoes) and couldn't finish it. Also, best, smokiest, most awesome brisket ever.

  4. p – hunh. Vinegar I guess?

    Mr. Dave – I agree with you. It's a good spot, and definitely some satisfactory food. But the hype may be a bit much.

    KB – god, those fried green tomatoes. So full of win.

  5. grace said:

    there's a severe lack of fried green tomatoes in this world–i'm glad you found some good ones!

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