An Albany Weekend

So last Saturday, the 18th was the Santa Speedo Sprint. Albany John and I had some errands to run in Western Mass and I’d resigned myself to missing out on the sprint this year. But we managed to get back into town just before the Santa Speedo Sprint took off. Yay! I was bummed that I didn’t get to run this year, but Green Man and this mysterious caped crusader made me smile.

It was also Winter Wonderlark following the Santa Speedo Sprint. Okay, and can I just insert a bit of jealousy over the weather? Last year it was BALLS ASS COLD for the sprint. The free cocktail at Oh Bar helped me out a bit, but this was like summer compared to last year – bright, sunny, and “warm” for Albany in the middle of December. Last year was grey, windy, and considerably colder.

Any who, my bitching aside, I liked this carved ice sculpture of the Lark Street BID’s lark mascot.

Albany John and I also returned to town after waking up (fairly) early (for us) and skipping breakfast and lunch. By two p.m. we were rather blind with hangryness, which does neither of us any good. First Albany John started mumbling about getting something to eat, and I figured splitting a bagel would be a good idea to tide us over. That eventually got rejected by Albany John, and we walked up and down Lark Street. He went to Amazing Wok and was going to order something, but then there was something about a credit card minimum that I didn’t hear and I got hangry and was like “WHATEVER. I’m going to Bombers and getting fries. Meet you over there whenever you’re done with this.”

We ended up going over to Bombers and I bought $40 of gift certificates. Yay, but woah spending. Don’t ask me how a $2.50 bagel and cream cheese snowballs into this, but Matt – you’re welcome. At least I know I’ll be getting some wings with a discount in the future!

Albany John got a chicken burrito with everything on it, plus jalapenos. I think it was about $10 when all was said and done with it. It had guacamole and sour cream though, and everything was warm inside, too. Sometimes all of the components in Bombers burritos are like half warm, and the other half are cold, but this was good. The lettuce was cold though, haha. Good amount of chicken – a solid $10 burrito overall.

I went for sweet potato fries ($3.99). So crunchy! They were coated in some kind of batter and came with a little container of maple syrup. I’m not sure if they’d be gluten free, but I don’t really have any food allergies, so all I know is … LURVE!

I had about a third of these before bitching out and being like “Oh, I’m not hungover. Why were fries my go-to choice for the first thing I ate?” (Answer: because they are awesome).

After heading home and slathering my body in sparkles and sequins, I went over to my buddy’s house for his girl’s holiday party. Well hello, bar. There was a separate non-alcoholic bar, too. There were a few kids initially who’d come in asking for ginger ale. They gave me weird looks when I asked if they wanted a lime wedge on the side. Maybe it’s the old bartender in me, or maybe I just remember thinking how AWESOME garnishes were as a kid and thought other kids would think they were also awesome. They did not.
They also didn’t want to hear my When-I-Was-Your-Age stories: “When I was a kid, I loved Shirley Temples. Have you ever had a Shirley Temple? It’s ginger ale and… oh, no you just walked away… okay, I guess you haven’t had one… Oooh look, bourbon.”

Girlie had spent the day making golumbkis, meatballs, pierogies, and an entire wall of desserts. The golumbkis were awesome. Even though there were only about a dozen of us there, over half of the huge tray got demolished. He is marrying one awesome chef of a woman.

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  1. “hangry”! That makes me chuckle 😀

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