I am not dead yet.

This weekend Albany John and I went to a friend’s wedding down in Bedford, NY. It was a really great ceremony and I wish we could have stayed through the ceremony, but I had some terrible stomach thing, and when I say terrible I am not exaggerating.

But this was a friend we hadn’t seen in years, and another friend we haven’t seen in years was also there, so it was worth trooping through. I also really, really, really hate bailing out of something very important like this at the last minute when I’ve RSVP’ed months in advance. I would have had to have been in the E.R. to have missed this wedding.

But Albany John was super sweet and drove me over to my Dad’s after the very lovely ceremony, since it was only about an hour away from the reception and not about three hours like Albany was. I still feel bad about the wasted money spent on our presence at the reception, in addition to missing it entirely, but I was far enough away from people during the ceremony, but didn’t want anyone to catch what I had if it was contagious. I spent the afternoon/night alternately passing out and sweating while watching TV and denying most liquids. Imagine the WORST hangover you’ve ever had, and then not wanting to consume anything because you don’t want it coming back out of anywhere. Gross, sorry, but it was even worse to experience. I am so not used to stomach pain and headaches, and that was pretty much all this was, with doses of fever and chills tossed in for good measure. Oh, and being vertical was a challenge, too.

So while I was passed out Albany John ran into town to Chumley’s BBQ (56 North Main, Florida, NY) and got The Festival, which was actually $10.99 and not $6.99 because my dad had an old menu. Don’t ask me why Albany John took a picture of the old menu. Albany John thought $10.99 was a little on the pricey end for the platter, but said that the pulled pork was pretty good, and that the brisket was very good until it cooled off. He also said that one of the BBQ sauces was really awesome, too. I don’t know – like I said, I was kind of passed out and all “OMG, don’t give me food”-y so I have no idea. Maybe he’ll do a guest post for you guys.

And now since I can stomach the look of food, I will post some stuff I wasn’t able to get up last week. Just a disgusting little update from yours truly.


  1. Glad Yr feeling better, pretty lady!

    Oddly enough, SB had to go to Florida, NY last week to get his deer butchered….yummy yummy venison tenderloin

  2. Ok, so it certainly sounds worse than what I had. Still… what are the chances seeing you on Thursday and both waking up with gastrointestinal distress on Saturday.

    I am SO glad that I got off easy.

    The Tour de Hot Dog was a hair's breadth from being canceled. I actually went to Hot Dog Charlie's with score sheets and a self-addressed stamped envelope.

    My plan had been to let whoever showed up do a self-guided tour, and mail me back the results.

    Somehow, I persevered. Truly it was a miracle from the hot dog gods themselves. Or maybe whatever was in the first bite of that first hot dog killed whatever was giving me trouble in the first place.

    I suppose we'll never know.

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