Sugar Cookies. Good Ones.

I’m a sugar cookie hater. They’re usually too bland, too flavorless, too … meh. But guess what? I made some un-meh sugar cookies. The secret? Add a ton of nutmeg (I’m a nutmeg ho), cinnamon, allspice, and ginger powders! Instant yum and the ground powders completely disappear into the dough and the cookies come out incognito, like regular sugar cookies, except they taste good.
Royal icing is also insanely easy to make and really easy. Give it a try. I was a little hesitant on the whole raw egg in icing thing, but the stuff dries almost instantly (well a few hours, but we’re talking Rock. Hard. Icing.) and tastes really good, too. The white stuff is royal icing, and the colored icing is just frosting, milk, and flavoring. Plus color.
Trust me – use Ziploc baggies to pipe out your icing if you go that route, every other non-brand bag I’ve used has split almost instantly or eventually. The Zipliocs last.
I got in a cookie frenzy and while I usually hate doing cut out cookies, I had fun making these. Just used a straw to poke holes in some of them to make into christmas tree decorations. Actually, I think I ended up eating most of them since they tasted good. A few angels (my fave cause they held the most icing!), sugar cookie men and women (and one sad Pitpat looking guy), snowmen, trees, bells, stars, “waving santas” (I’m kind of dubious about that one), and sleighs that looked like doves.
Okay, and maybe I broke out the penis cookie cutters and made a few sugar cookie penises. I would apologize, but I have no shame to begin with.
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