DeFazio’s Kalamata & Artichoke Pizza

Ordered a DeFazio’s pizza last night – Kalamata & Artichoke. It was around $16. It survived the drive home just fine (plus a pit stop to pick up some beer), although I reheated a few slices in the oven so they were toasty warm on the bottom and gooey on top.

I hadn’t been able to get DeFazio’s kalamatas out of my head after the 2010 Tournament of Pizza. The kalamatas were so awesome, and they’re hand pitted for each order. Hard not to love that.

The top picture is with flash, and this picture is without flash. Either way, a ton of cheese (melted to perfection), and a generous scattering of artichoke hearts and hand-pitted kalamata olives.

I love that browning cheese gets on a pizza, especially when there is a ton more cheese underneath. Yummy. This was a good combo. Man, those kalamatas (they might call them calamatis) just pop with the perfect amount of salinity.

I think they were also selling $25 gift cards for $20 for Christmas – not too bad of a present to get someone for the holidays.

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