8 O’Clock Ranch Ham Steak

Mmm. Steak of Ham. So part of me likes meat. And part of me wants the animals I eat to not live tortured lives up until they reach the chopping block. So I bought some meat from 8 O’Clock Ranch, a farm in upstate New York.

I heard about them through the grapevine. One chick I know got really into organic and good-for-you foods after she got pregnant and has been ordering from 8 O’Clock Ranch for a few years now. She did a ton of research on different farms, and seemed satisfied by 8 O’Clock Ranch meeting her wants. She gave me some of their meat to try, and I was in. It’s good stuff.

Price-wise, it’s not too expensive, either. New York State is considered a “local” shipping rate, so it isn’t some outrageous sum to get it shipped to your door. All of the meats come vacu-sealed and are in manageable portions. They’ve even got some lamb! But this is pork. However, maybe I’ll do a run-down in what I bought this go.

Fresh ham steak. This was an uncured ham steak. So pretty much just pork. It was like $3.50/lb (maybe $4.50 w/shipping included, but that’s still not bad). Albany John and I had about a third of it above. The rest is in the fridge waiting to get cooked up.

It cooked up nicely. Very lean – no fat really came off of it. And I didn’t overcook it! And quick, too. Maybe 10 minutes total. Maybe less. It was really tasty. It was fairly light for pork, and the texture was firm, but not stringy and dry or anything.

I overcooked some Shanghai bok choy to go with it (spent too much time wrapping up the leftover pork. Dang). And some cheesy scrambled eggs.

And to continue our usual United Nations of meals, Albany John made some farofa. It says it’s imitation bacon flavored, but it tastes fine to me. Toss in some onions and toast it all up in a pan with some broth. Yum. Good stuff.

  1. B said:

    Have you tried Heldeberg Market yet? I get all of my eggs through them these days, and a ton of produce through summer/fall. Got good deals on some delicious liver too, unfortunately for everyone (for various reasons) I BOUGHT IT ALL UP. But they have a huge selection of happy meat. If you can get a few people together for a group buy you can probably hit the free shipping mark, we have a buy a work.

    Cardona's also has some meat packs, really affordable… if you plan and eat it all.

  2. I've had really good luck with buying a pig from a farm nearby. He shot it for us and showed us how to clean it. I still haven't eaten the heart and kidneys, but they're in my lungs. Buying meat is one thing but I think that the brutal heavy metalness of butchering your own animal really adds something to the flavor.

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