Sushi Tei with CelinaBean & Mark

I was lucky enough to have lunch with Celina Bean at Mr. Pio Pio earlier this week, and we had planned on inviting our buddy Mark along. What’s that saying about all good intentions? I don’t know – I’m terrible with sayings, but we forgot to mention it to Mark, so we felt like we should meet up for lunch again. Y’know, get the band back together.

So we went to Sushi Tei for lunch. Celina had mentioned how awesome the soups were when we were at Mr. Pio Pio (hey, when you love food, you talk about all kinds of food). There was a lunch special with salmon don & mini tempura udon for $9.95. Celina & I both went for it.

If that was the mini – wow, what does the regular look like? I could cup my hands around the bowl and still have some room. If I weren’t a glutton, the mini udon probably would have been a satisfying lunch. One large tempura-ed shrimp, some scallions, chewy udon noodles, and a deeply flavored broth.

That broth is some satisfying stuff. And the soup retained its warmth through my entire meal. No icy cold soup here!

One of the reasons I love Japanese food is the presentation. When you dine in you get food served in partitioned boxes, or beautiful containers like this. It looks like a little present.

And the best kind of present was inside! Three long slices of salmon over some sushi rice with a shiso leaf topped with salmon roe. Wasabi and pickled ginger, too.
I thought that the salmon don was going to be the big feature, but the soup was larger than this box. Still, it was a lunch portion in the way Japanese food is generally portioned out – not ginormous amounts where you need a take-out box to bring half of your meal home, but rather a satisfying amount you can eat in one sitting.
The salmon was fresh, nice and fatty like I like it. And man, I’m really starting to like salmon roe. I used to think it was just too intense, but now – it seems like it’s just up my alley.
Overall, a really nice lunch that didn’t leave me feeling like I needed a nap afterward. The company wasn’t too bad either. I never imagined I’d be casually lunching with writers one day, catching up, chilling out. Surreal.
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  1. Sophia said:

    Happy new year! Hoping for a prosperous year for all.

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