BULALO! I love saying that name. It’s so fun. Bulalo. BuLAlo. BULALOOOOOO! All I know is I love this Filipino beef soup. Albany John cooked up some beef shanks, and I think he used this recipe from Home Cooking Rocks! as a jumping point.

I think the coolest part of it was that is was a clear-ish broth. Usually the beef shank/bone soups that we eat around here are dark and browner in color. This was quite fresh tasting – not too heavy. Just the right amount of food for a chilly day to warm up the bones.

I even arranged all of the food in a bowl for the first bowl of soup before topping it with broth and cilantro. Carrot rounds, napa cabbage, potatoes, and some delicious beef shank pieces. They even had some tendon on them! Yummy, yummy soup.

  1. Andres said:

    Bulalo refers to the cartilage between bone joints though you should try using the beef leg bone with marrow. . .

  2. I love bulalo! My family doesn't make it very often, so when does it's a big deal.

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