CSN Stores Product Review

CSN stores may have TV stands for flat screens, but they’ve also got some spiffy pot racks, too. It shipped quickly, and I know it has been only about 2 or so weeks from my original teaser post, but in internet time, that’s like forever.

But man, was it worth the wait! This is a Half Round Graphite Pot Rack. My landlord just put it up for me – my stud finder sucks and kept saying there was a vertical stud. My landlord’s stud finder found bubkiss, so he put in a metal stud to put the screw in for the pot rack. There are three screws. One at the top, and two at the bottom.

In short – the pot rack is awesome. Look at all of those pots it fits! There were a bunch of hangy things to put pots on, too. And it supports quite a bit of weight. There is also a wire tray kind of thing to put other things on, like that grater and other pot covers. Defintely worth $50.

This is what my kitchen wall looked like before. So sad and lonely. Only one little decoration to one side, and a clumsy electrical cord on the other.

Actually, I cleaned the wall before even trying to put it up before, and HOLY MOLY. I did not know that walls could that that gross. But now it’s all clean and spiffy, and we have much more storage space. It’s easier for me, too. Because when I’m cooking and need a pan that’s on the very bottom of all of the other pans, I don’t need to lug them off of one another and lug them back into a pile. Now I just grab it off of the wall!

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  1. DelSo said:

    I bought a pot rack a few years ago and love it because it makes my kitchen look so pro and frees up scads of room in my pot cupboard. Yes, I have a special cupboard where I keep my pot(s).

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