Pizza DaVinci

Guess what pizza place is open at 9 am on a Sunday morning? Pizza DaVinci in Troy, NY!

Albany John woke up with the pizza hungers this weekend, and had me Googling to see what was open at the wee hours of Before 10:30 AM on a Sunday. Wee. Morning. Hours.

Figured we’d give them a shot since Troy is solid pizza territory. They have a special for pick-up orders. $7.99 for a large pie. Woah – those are college-days prices!

Not too bad for an $8 pie. Plenty of sweet and salty cheese with some browning going on, and a lot of fresh basil flavor in the sauce. The crust was the only thing I wasn’t all that into on this pie – puffy and not crisp, soft all over. The end crust pieces were definitely pizza bones. But overall, solid flavors with the cheese and sauce. They beat I Love’s whole pie hands down, at least in my book. I’d get it again.

Best of all, it was fresh pizza on a Sunday morning.

  1. I love it there. I had the buffalo chicken pizza and after it's cooked they put carrots and celery right on the pizza. Totally a different presentation and I loved it. They also had a lot of tasty looking slices. I can't wait to go back.

  2. Anonymous said:

    I drove past them yesterday! I guess I'll have to make the effort to stop in now.

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