Razor Clams

LAZER CRAMS!!! Pew PEW! Oops, I mean, Razor Clams.

This one time I was watching a Martin Yan travel show (the Yan Can Cook dude) and I swear to you, he kept saying “Lazer Crams” over and over again. And now every time I see “razor clam” I keep thinking “lazer cram” and I imagine this tough little mollusk shooting lazers out of its body. Pew pew! Lazer cram! Pew pew!

Any way, I saw something on Serious Eats about them, and figured I’d try cooking them. I mean, if they’re clams they have to be delicious, right? They’re $4.99/lb at the Asian Food Market on Colvin about now. I got a large bundle for just under $7. It’s pretty cool to see their squiggly white bodies retract back in their shells when they get touched, too.

On the whole… eh. I’ll stick with regular clams, thanks. These were kind of a bitch to deal with. First I par cooked them to open their shells up. Then I had to get them out of the shells and de-poop them. These clams had a major poo sack on them! Gross. And suction-mouths at one end. For what they were, it was kind of a lot of work.

I tossed ’em with some pasta. It was fine – mild, clam-like flavor. But I think I prefer the normal clams in the area – quahogs and the like. Razor clams, eh, not so much.

I even left some clams uneaten. Me. Leftover Seafood. Seafood not completely decimated. What. The Heck.

  1. You left them uneaten? That's a “dis-endorsement” if I ever heard on. πŸ™‚

  2. DelSo said:

    Casa Mono, just south of Gramercy Park in NYC, turned me on to these lovely mollusks. There, they grill them with GARLIC (that's lots of garlic) and olive oil and maybe some green herb… fantastic! I've never been tempted to cook themself – thanks for validating my laziness. πŸ™‚

  3. Anonymous said:

    I read your info about Scubbers and saw your razor clam blog and thought I would comment. I used to live in Alaska and the highlight of summer was to go razor clam digging by the ocean. They are definitely a pain to clean. These clams are FAST. They scurry into the sand so fast, it's funny to see.

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