Cheesecake Machismo

Cheesecake Ma-delivery! Well, okay, Cheesecake Machismo (293 Hamilton St, Albany, NY)doesn’t do delivery, but they’re open Tuesday-Saturday from 12 noon – 8 pm (or until the cheesecake sells out). But when one of your friends hasn’t experienced Cheesecake Machismo, you make a delivery happen.

Y’see, Daniel B. and I had been trying to coordinate a time to get together and try Cheesecake Machismo. He hadn’t tried it and… the stars were just not lining up right. So screw THAT, I figured, I’m taking matters in my own hands. I’m coming over, and I’m a-bringin’ cheesecake. If you don’t try Cheesecake Machismo, I’m eventually going to come by your house and give you some.

So I hopped on down to Hamilton. Some roaming dude tried to ask me for money “for a bus”, but he was so spaced out I kept thinking he was asking for a ride to the bus, and I was all “Uh, no, sorry, busy. On a mission. Cheesecake.” And then he muttered something about no one in Albany having money for him and was kind of following me, so I waited until he was in front of me before heading into the land of Cheesecake. (Oh, and it might sound like a dangerous situation in retrospect, but most of the people who ask for “money for a bus” or something in Albany are usually fairly tame and go away after a while)

Slices were obtained! Three! L-R: Crunchy Frog, PB & J, Candy Bar. They’re $5 each and come with a drink, or you can get a Franken Cake, which is a mish-mash of different slices. So yummy. I have not bought a Franken Cake, because I will eat the entire thing in one go if I do.

Any who, The Crunchy Frog was creme de menthe with candy canes on top. The candy canes were a little melty and sticky. I was thinking it might be something more like a grasshopper. Still, not too bad.

I had to get the Peanut Butter and Jelly for the Profussor to try. It is so good. Peanut butter layer. Jelly layer. Deliciously creamy cheesecake. So good. This was his favorite. And it was my favorite…

However… the Candy Bar tasted so spanking good! It was like a butterfinger without getting toffee bits in your teeth! Peanut Butter and Jelly, you have been replaced as the favorite.

Best of all, Cheesecake Machismo isn’t a chain, so you don’t have to know the calories in each delicious slice (keep your hands off my cheesecake, gubmint!).

So for real – get over to Cheesecake Machismo for a slice of cheesecake. I highly endorse them because they make cheesecakes that are better than my own. I’ve had a few dud cheesecakes every now and then, but on the whole( I’m not going to be modest), my cheesecakes kick ass. But Cheesecake Machismo’s are on a whole ‘nother level.

  1. Methinks Cheesecake Machismo is a much better work lunch destination than Aashiana

  2. Anonymous said:

    Those candy canes on top of the one piece look like shrimp in lobster sauce to me. Glad to know they're just candy canes.

  3. Ooh, I want. But if they're not open either Sunday or Monday, that explains why I've never been and probably never will. 😦

  4. I highly recommend the Albany Jane cheesecake delivery service. Not only does she bring delicious and hard to find local treats, but then she stays and builds snowmen with your children.

    Five Stars. A++++++++++++

    Seriously, when I suggested that AJ bring some over, I never suspected for a moment she would actually do it. Thank you. It was delicious.

    Now I want to get back and try more flavors. Like the green tea one.

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