Scubber’s!! I bought a Seize The Deal Coupon from them for basically $5 off – it cost $5, and was good for $10 or schtuff. Called up the Profussor to help me sort through the menu.

Blah to this icy, rainy, mucky weather we’ve been having lately!

We went in and ordered. Pizza, waffle fries, chicken wings. Service was friendly and accomodating, but jeebus, there are 3 tall tables to sit at (4 people) and one lower table with one bench. It’s pretty unfriendly to dining in. It’s mostly take out since it’s on Wolf Rd (186 Wolf Rd, Albany, NY), but man… pizza and wings are two things that do not taste good as take out.

I’ve heard good things on teh intarwebz about Scubber’s. When they were in Loudonville I always thought their prices were a little expensive, so I never tried them before they closed. It was always one of those “one day” kind of things. But the reopening on Wolf Road gave me a chance to try them eventually. Yelp has positive reviews, DerryX was happy the new incarnation lived up to the nostalgia of their awesomeness, and many of Steve’s Tablehopping commenters were excited.

The wood fired ‘zza! I liked the crust and the cheese, but the sauce was kinda tinny and metallic once it cooled off. There were chunks of garlic, and a healthy dose of salt. Like all wood fired pizzas, I think it’s best eaten as soon as it’s possible without burning your mouth, and loses awesomeness exponentially thereafter (short half-life).

Thick layer of cheese, too. Some parts were fully melted, other parts were on their way to being pools of cheesey, heavenly goo. It was 6 slices, and easy to split between 2 people.

Wings! WINGS WINGS WINGS WINGS WINGS! Ok, so I was like “FUUUUCCCKKK yeah, wings! Let’s get these bad boys in my mouth!”. Super excited to try them. And very excited for the waffle fries too, because, dudes, waffle fries are awesome.

The waffle fries might have been one of the best things out of the entire meal. Not like they were backflip worthy (but definitely cartwheel worthy), but they weren’t greasy, stayed crisp throughout the whole meal, and hello – waffle fries.

The chicken wings were disappointing. They were gross and soggy in some parts, and kinda crispy in other parts. They were lightly sauced (no pools of sauce on the bottom of the container), and yet I still somehow managed to get some wing sauce on a boob. I am, like, the clumsiest eater ever.

Daniel B. mentioned he saw a big ole pile of fried wings sitting by the fryer when we ordered. Could these wings have been pre-cooked and then reheated again in the oil before serving them to us? I don’t know. I’m inclined to think we got freshly made wings since it took a decent amount of time for them to come out with the pizza (an amount of time that would make you think “mmm, they must be making my wings now.”)

All of the wings were also on the small side. At $7.99 for 10 wings, I was kind of hoping for something really good. As-is, they were just kind of meh and overpriced. I understand one small wing or two here and there, but all of the wings were small.

Here is a slightly larger wing. I wish more care were put into the wings and they all looked like this. Well, and also that the skins would be uniformly crispy and not at all soggy. But more of the wings looked like the first one – with tears in the skin, and swollen/poofy bits of soft skin.
It was like getting delivery wings, except we were about 5 feet away from the kitchen. I mean, when you order delivery wings, you know the container the wings are in is going to make them get steamy and lose their crispness (which is why I don’t order delivery wings) during the drive from the store to your house. This was just puzzling for me and my pea-sized brain.

I must have gone on an off-time. Daniel B told me that the wings were much better when he went. Maybe we just aren’t supposed to get wings together. When I took him to my beloved Ruck, they weren’t as awesome as they could have been and our order got kind of confused so they sat cooling off for a few minutes too long.

I’d order the pizza again, but I’m a little hesitant on the wings. Oh heck, I would order them for SCIENCE. And I’d order up some waffle fries again in a heart beat. I’m such a waffle fry slut.

  1. I've been in a love affair with Scubbers since I was in college, when they were in Loudonville. I'm so sorry their wings at their best for you – the crispiness is one of my favorite things about them. But I will agree with you that they do tend towards the small side.

    I've never had the waffle fries, but I've been interested in trying the pizza – so thanks for that review.

    Their cheese sticks (which really should be called logs, they're so huge) are yummy. Yeah, it's fried cheese, so not very exciting…but it's fried cheese, so it's also worth a try. 🙂

  2. It makes me sad that there so few places to purchase waffle fries in the Capital District.

    Vive le waffle fry!!

  3. For the record, I wasn't so crazy about the pizza. But AJ and I are no strangers to a healthy debate about what makes for good pizza.

    I'm fine with small wings. But if you are going to charge a relatively high sum and serve small wings, they best be kickass. These weren't even close.

    So sad.

    It's especially disappointing when juxtaposed with the waffle fries. The cooks at Scubber's are clearly proficient with a deep-fat fryer. But for some reason just decided to phone-it-in with the wings.

  4. Wings…if you love wings, and I think you do, I highly suggest you visit the Rusty Nail in Clifton Park. Best wings ever. Period. Amen. Diggin' your blog, BTW…

  5. Oh yeah, forgot to mention…order the Tavern Fries with your wings…

  6. Erin said:

    I've eaten Scubber's wings when they were in Loudonville 3 different times when I worked in Latham because of the same rave internet reviews, and I do NOT understand the hype. Like you said, everytime they were soggy, and worst of all, they weren't well sauced- a crime in my eyes! Even when I asked for extra sauce on the wings the last and final time I ate there, there was nowhere near enough.

    I'm a BBQ wing fan- I don't do heat well- and thus far, I've found the crispiest, most awesomely sauced wings come from a) The Recovery Room or B) La Bella Pizza in Watervliet. I could eat those all day, and they are pretty reasonable- I think 20 wings from La Bella runs around $11, while recovery room is more expensive for 20 or two dozen (I can't remember which) at $14. Either way, both are well worth it. They are also on the big, meaty side.

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