The Cure

As some of you may know, Jon in Albany is participating in Charcutepalooza. He’s got some awesome stuff up about making his own cured meats. I sought out some of his expertise, and he even swung by my house and dropped off some curing salt! A big bag of it!

How awesome is Jon? Seriously – very awesome.

I finally pulled it out of storage and was like “Jane, if Jon is going to be awesome and up and give you some pink salt, it’s time to put it to use!” so now I’ve got some beef curing in my fridge after making up a corning brine. But I didn’t use brisket. I used a different cut of beef.

And check out Jon’s page – he’s corning beef, too! However, unlike Jon, I totally forgot to toast my seeds before tossing in my powder seasonings, so I’ll just have to hope it turns out okay. Ah, I have so much to learn from the master of curing arts!

I also forgot to start this a few days earlier, so I’ll be eating corned beef on Friday or Saturday instead of on St Pat’s day this Thursday. But I will be making an awesome Irish Soda Bread recipe that I got from some students at SCCC.

  1. Hope your corned beef comes out good. I don't think you are going to miss anything without the seed toasting. Get your hands on some pork belly and make your own bacon. It's a rewarding experience. And then when you are done, it turns into a delicious experience.

  2. S. said:

    Good to see that the love fest that is Charcutepalooza is reaching into those who haven't signed up yet… Next month, bring on the smoke!

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