Tea-Smoked Chicken

CHICKEN! I’ve been really into eating chicken lately. So I marinated two legs, and just rubbed some salt on the others. Oh, and then I smoked it with some tea and rice and whatevs. After that, it was a quick pop in the broiler to crisp things up. Not too shabby.

I used my smoker, but you could just as easily line a wok or large pan with foil and do the same thing. I used one of these baggies of “Spice for Spiced Food” plus about 10 tea bags of Oolong tea, brown rice, and sugar. Not sure how necessary the sugar was, but every recipe I looked at called for it. The oolong was shitty and super finely ground and bitter. Next time I’ll use green tea or jasmine. Preferably better leaves, too.

Chicken two ways. On the left in a baggie are legs that have been marinating in a mixture of maltose, soy sauce, ginger, garlic, black vinegar (chiangking), and rice wine vinegar. You could easily use sugar or honey in place of maltose. I’m just trying to use up the maltose I have.

On the right are chicken legs rubbed with kosher salt, a dash of sugar, and crushed white pepper & Sichuan peppercorns. They sat in the fridge for about an hour before I smoked them.

Smoked, broiled, and purdy. Overall, it wasn’t too bad. But next time I’d try different leaves since they didn’t really taste like tea (but they did taste smoked).

My throat is a little scratchy now. Blah. But the chicken was pretty worth it.

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