Home Cured Corned Beef

I think I want to corn every piece of meat in my house. I used Ruhlman’s corning brine recipe on some beef short ribs, and had them cure for only 4 days. Ruhlman recommends 5-7, and naturally, I started my cure late. But after some encouraging from Ruhlman himself, I cooked it at day 4.

I also owe gigantic props to my buddy Jon in Albany for the pink curing salt – look at what a lovely deep pink shade this beef turned after curing.

I also owe major props to the students at SCCC’s culinary program for the Irish soda bread recipe. I scaled it down to a large loaf measurement. So freaking good.

My Dad came to town on St Patrick’s Day for a last minute visit, so he got to share the meal with the husbear and me. It was a lot of food, so that was good. I’d had the beef cooking on the stove for a few hours before I picked him up, and then tossed in the veggies while Albany John and I ran out to pick him up.

Corned beeeeef! So good. With potatoes, tons of cabbage, and some carrots. Corned short ribs taste exactly like corned beef, which is usually a brisket cut. Either way, a tougher cut of the cow. The dish was pretty salty, but I guess that’s what happens when you cure something in a largely saline brine for several days.

My dad’s complimentary any way, but when I was like “So, Dad. I made the corned beef myself.”

He was like “I know, Albany Jane. Yes, it’s good. I just saw you making it.” I’m pretty sure he resisted tossing in a “No duh, kid”, but then Albany John explained that I didn’t just open a package of pre-corned beef, but had cured it myself from short ribs.
The short ribs plumped up while cooking, too. This was the smaller rib.

Here is what remains of the large rib. Those slices of beef above? There was another layer of beef above this that came off easily. This is what remains.
There was a nice layer of tendon between short rib layers. And the entire cut of beef was very lean, too. Hardly any fat in the broth when cooled off. Just a few bits here and there to skim off. Very lean and very flavorful overall. I was impressed. I’m used to these cuts being fat nuggets.

This was the best piece of the night. The super tendon-y bottom layer of the beef around the bone. If you thought corned beef was good, holy moly, corned beef tendon is on the next level. Made me wish I’d had extra tendon to throw in the pot. So good.

  1. Looks great. Glad you enjoyed it. I recommend trying your hand at bacon. Eating home cured bacon and eggs is a treat.

    I also love how accessible well known people in the internet food community can be. I have emailed a few chefs and received almost instant and very informative replies. Simply amazing.

  2. grace said:

    many times, corny things are not good. for example, jokes. corny beef, on the other hand, is very appealing. excellent work. 🙂

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