AoA’s 3rd Birthday Party

All Over Albany‘s 3rd year of existing was celebrated at The Point (1100 Madison Ave, Albany, NY) this week. It’s an awesome local website, and I get to contribute a few articles every now and then.

Met up with some cool folks, and got to meet people IRL, too.

BIG ASS PAN OF PAELLA! Albany John was dreaming up a home design that would allow for such a pan. It was good paella, too. The rice was well cooked, and the seafood was cooked just enough. Yum. Behind that is a ton of cheeses, and some of the best prosciutto ever. Melted in your mouth good.

It’s always a good crowd, and I didn’t get to chat with everyone, but those that I did get to talk with were super fun. Good times, guys! Best of all, the AoA scene is creeper-free.

Then I stayed up way past my bed time drinking two whole beers at Mahar’s with Mrs. Greg, Albany John, Ed, and Dan. Yay, beer for dinner!

I never get served by one of the people at Mahar’s – the owner guy, I think. But the younger guys always serve me. And I swear that I’ve had more than the 3 beers that were on my count, but they never get added to the tally. I’ve never had the shitty service people talk about there, so I guess I’m lucky?

  1. the fuj said:

    I stopped by Mahar's after but it smelled like poop so I left. Hopefully your experience was better.

  2. Sorry, I farted.
    Damn, I missed meeting the fuj!! One of these years.

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