Kent’s Maple Sugar House

Last weekend I went Sugar Shacking as part of Maple Weekend with Sandra, Daniel B., and Cap to Cap. We went to Kent’s Sugar House in Berlin, NY. I liked that they were on some other blogs. I appreciate a social media presence, but I’m just a bit biased, haha.

That smell – once you smell it, you’ll never forget it. The smell of syrupifying maple.

We took an outside tour first, and got to sample some of the maple sap that comes out of the tree. I want to drink this stuff on a daily basis. It’s like coconut water. Very, very lightly maple flavored, and very refreshing.

We went inside to peek at the syrup boiling apparatus. It was pretty much the best sauna ever.

And got a few samples. Of maple syrup (although they were in the small cups I associate with Jello shots). My favorite was the commercial grade dark variety, but they didn’t have any for sale at the moment (although they hoped to have some at the end of the season). It was so deeply flavored and had tons of caramel tones. OMG, are you thinking what I’m thinking? Maple Syrup Jell-O Shots!

They had a small table with some syurp to purchase. And thank goodness, they also took credit cards. I bought a quart of Grade A dark amber syrup for $17. I thought that was a pretty good price. Usually I balk at maple syrup prices, but I thought that was reasonable. Albany John (the maple syrup lover in our house) showed remarkable restraint and didn’t crack it open on the drive home. I’m usually of the Butterworth’s school of syrup (we all can’t be perfect), but this stuff was so good, I might be changing my tune to the real stuff.

A few days later, I used it to cure some salmon for hot smoking. Super easy. Slather salmon with maple syrup and some kosher salt, let sit for a day in the fridge. Put in stove top smoker for about an hour at 200F. Nom.

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  1. Sandra said:

    Maple Syrup Jello Shots! Love it! I guess the slathered salmon would be good too, after the Jello Shots.

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