Jewish Food Festival @ Congregation Gates of Heaven

Walk with me, talk with me. Let’s go on a tour of Congregation Gates of Heaven’s Jewish Food Festival, held on Sunday, April 3rd. Tasty food, $15 per adult, kids under 18 free.

Walked into land of deliciously home made desserts. Mandelbrot is my new fave thing. One woman said it was like biscotti. She should have said it was like biscotti, only INSANELY BETTER. And mini rugelach – oh, so good. I can only guess how long it took to make (long). I appreciate a good rugelach, and these were awesome.

Homemade cured salmon. Oh, I love you so much. Cured for 6 days in bourbon (or brand? sugar, I forget now), salt, sugar, and… awesomeness. So incredibly good on a bialy with cream cheese. Or on a latke.

SO DELICIOUS! Hands down, my favorite spot of the festival. This room had lots of goods made by congregants, plus some awesome smoked trout spread from the Mazzone family (677 Prime, Angelo’s Tavolo, etc).

There was a room filled with more external vendors and tables to sit, plus live music.

The guys from The Phonecians on Central were ridic professional, and insanely generous. Generous portions were a big thing here. I got, like, half a cup of meat as a “sample”!

Old Daley Inn had desserts and some salmon. Desserts were fun. Tasty stuff.

Got to walk into a session by Gail Sokol on how to make sponge cake with Phairhead and SexyBeast. Fun stuff! She was a personable woman who was all about baking and science.

And got to sample the cake. Not too sweet. Really good. Reminded me of Chinese style desserts. I think Chinese people and Jewish people have a lot in common with food and culture.

Went to stop by the delicious butter and bread station hosted by Leah the Nosher & Daniel B.! So much deliciously fatty butter. Pamplie was nice to try, and Daniel B also sourced some unsalted butters WITHOUT “natural flavorings” added. That is such a huge pet peeve of mine – unsalted butter with preservative flavors added to “enhance” (cover up) the butter. However, I now have a new butterlust over butter… all of them. So freaking good. The last time I ate the circular butter behind the pamplie I ate the entire thing in a day. 8 oz of butter. 1 day. I will have cardiovascular problems later in life, and this is why.

Leah’s bread! She made so many awesome loaves! High Holy Day bread was sweet-ish. And the challas… of the hook! All of them tasted like they were made in an artisanal bakery. Good chew, plenty moist and rich. Yum! I think there are two kinds of home bakers. The home bakers that take it seriously and make people do a double take and say “Wait, you made this? At home??”, and then there are bakers who make fairly decent stuff with a short halflife that makes people say “Oh homemade bread. That’s nice.”. Leah is one of the former. Holy moly, that was unbelievably good bread!

We started to fade after about two hours of nonstop eating. So we went back down to the presentation area where they’d finished up blintzes. Om. So generous. So delish!

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  1. Why yes, I am carrying a sleeping toddler on my back while serving up the challah. Why do you ask?

    So glad you came, so glad you enjoyed šŸ™‚

    I really need to try Parivar Chat.

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