My Community Garden

Here’s my community garden. I signed up for a plot with Capital District Community Gardens and have secured a plot somewhere in the greater Capital Region.

Albany John and I did the bulk of our land-moving one day. He is one excellent work horse. If only I had a plow. Meanwhile, I am a fairly decent rock-plucker. Man, NY ground is rocky!

Here’s an Excel spreadsheet of what’s in the ground so far, and when it was planted. It’s about 19 Albany Jane Feet by 12 Albany Jane Feet.
Carrots, Parsnips, Cucumbers, lettuces, and Zucchini. And all this rain means I don’t even have to stop by to water them.

I am now impatiently waiting for warmer weather so I can plant my army of tomato plants. As of now, the cat bellies/paws are really wiping out the seedlings at an impressive pace. Good bye Nasturtium. It seems I’ll never be able to see you flower. But the asparagus beans are holding up pretty well (except for the day I tried to weather them outside and squirrels started nibbling the leaves. I swear, between the cat bellies and the squirrels, I’m going to be lucky to have any seedlings at all).

Here is one pile of rocks from the garden. One of many. So many piles of rocks. Actually, these turned out to be handy as cheap-o row markers. I just placed them at the ends of my rows in a line where the seeds were. Not too bad, and helps me get a visual on what’s where.

My next big tasks are going to be figuring out organic gardening fertilizers (are there liquids I can use for that, or do I have to do manure?); transplanting my seedlings; trellising the cucumbers, squash, and beans; and not screwing things up too much in general.

The latter’s going to be hard, since I always want to put things closer together than the packages of seeds say, but this year I am sticking to it! Spacing! Spacing! If you’ve ever met me in person, you also know how incredibly clumsy I am, so there’s also a pretty huge chance I’ll drop something on my seedlings and ruin them all.

  1. DelSo said:

    Maybe you'll let me come to your garden this summer and help weed? I did a community garden a few years ago but concluded it is impossible to have a successful garden and a 2 week vacation in July/August. It just doesn't work.

  2. Taunya said:

    It COULD work to vacation then if you are in a Capital District Community Garden plot. Ask one of your neighboring gardeners to water and/or harvest while you are gone. Watching the plot is a small price for enjoying the produce in July/August!

  3. Use the rocks as edging to mark your plot! As to organic fertilizers, there's nothing like compost. HWFC usually has a couple of plastic buckets about that they're willing to donate to the cause of indoor composting. I also have extra from our box, if you'd like to grab some.

    Also, before you lose the nasturtiums, eat them!! They are wonderful in salad.

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